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The Next Big Thing

By The Reverend Published: June 15, 2014

In the next two weeks, Supreme Court decisions will become the Next Big Thing We All Disagree About. I expect award winning frivolity to fact, I'd bet on it.

The Supremes' decision that will re-rock our political divisions will come in the Hobby Lobby ruling. The central issue in that case is not really about mandated contraceptive coverage by religious employers....not really. The central issue is whether for-profit corporations have religious rights.

If the Supremes side with Hobby Lobby....agreeing that corporations have religious rights.....our legal system will be flooded with opt-out cases from corporations all over this nation. Corporate conscientious objection will become the new national rage.....further exacerbating our already-troubling national political divisions. Many corporate owners will become devoutly religious overnight and will flood the legal system with conscientious objections to whatever it is they do not want to comply with. Paying taxes, maintaining worker safety laws, employee benefits, non-discriminatory hiring practices....virtually anything one can imagine.

If the Supremes determine that, no, for-profit corporations do not have religious rights....because, you know, corporations having religious rights would be like my DeWalt cordless drill having religious rights.....then many conservative Christians (half of the GOP base) will, naturally, claim they are being victimized by tyrannical government.

Now, if the ultra-conservative John Roberts activist Court follows their own lead in the Obamacare is possible for 5 "wise Solomons" to split the baby in half, if you will. Roberts toyed in oral arguments with the notion that, perhaps, exceptions could be made for for-profit corporate conscientious objection....but only for privately-held, for-profit corporations. That would be like granting religious objection status to my Dewalt cordless drill but not my Makita circular saw. Just sayin'.

Whatever the 5 conservative, political Justices determine in the next couple of weeks, one thing is certain. The decision will instantly become the Next Big Thing for R's and D's to fight over, raise money over and further demonize the other side over.

The only change that will occur in the national "debate" after the Hobby Lobby ruling is made the focus of our national Argument Du Jour. That's it.

I mention this today, Father's Day, because I know readers are interested in what the coming attractions are for the next couple weeks. So make a mental note. The Hobby Lobby ruling is the Next Big Thing To Fight Over.

After the ruling, we will be arguing whether American Christians haven't seen such persecution since the first century Romans....OR....we will be rationalizing why my DeWalt cordless drill should have religious rights but not my Makita circular saw.

Should be a lot of fun.

Happy Father's Day.

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