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The No Self Awareness Debate

By The Reverend Published: November 10, 2011

There they were again. The 8 irrelevant GOP presidential candidates. There they were being asked questions last night by the pimps for Wall Street from CNBC. Quite remarkable, really. Jim Cramer, a man who worked for Goldman before he became a screeching nut for CNBC, was there asking questions of presidential candidates. Cramer is the guy who went on record a while back explaining how he used to game the stock market as head trader for Goldman Sachs.

So, in a way, it was fitting last night to have Republicans being asked questions by those who earn their living by shilling and pimping for the rich. Republicans strive to get elected for the sole purpose of manipulating government for the sake of the top 1%....and CNBC celebrities strive to please the money-shuffling sponsors who pay their big salaries.

Nothing of significance was said last night....but here's the transcript anyway.

Herman the Cainificent was asked a roundabout question over the serial sexual assault accusations against him. He wouldn't answer and the crowd booed the question. Sexually assaulting women just may be one of this election cycle's GOP platform planks. Newton, The Gingrich, didn't appreciate the tenor of Maria Bartiromo's questioning, promoted one of his books in one of his answers, and basically did what he does best....threw rhetorical bombs of no impression at Democrats, Obama and the debate questioners. Of all the GOP candidates, Gingrich is the most repellent.....and that is saying quite a lot when you consider the characters on stage last night in Michigan.

But, again, with last night's millionth GOP debate....what stuck out like an extremely sore thumb was every candidate's old time supply-side religion. Not one candidate addressed our nation's economic woes by addressing the real problem....lack of consumer demand. NOT ONE.

This quirk that the Republicans have is what will eventually stymie any GOP candidate's run to unseat President Obama. Our national financial problem is not lack of supply flowing to the alleged "job creators." Taxes and regulations have been low, or non-existent, for a decade , or more. Our national unemployment and foreclosure numbers didn't happen because public employees belonged to unions, or taxes were STILL too high on billionaires, or regulations were in place to keep Big Corp from poisoning our children.

Our national financial troubles are consumer demand oriented. Corporations are drowning in cash and profits. Corporations pay an effective tax rate of 17%, which is low comparatively. The elimination of regulations was the primary reason the banksters in New York crashed the nation's finances in an orgy of unmitigated greed and criminality. Too many Americans don't have the money, or credit, to...well...consume more....and a handful of austerity freaks in D.C. have been making the situation worse by screeching that the sky will fall if we don't cut the already-meager safety net for the poor, sick, elderly and vulnerable.

But nothing captured the ethos of last night's celebration of the monied like Michelle Bachmann's comment about the poor needing to pay more in taxes. Bachmann won last night's Marie Antoinette award for charitable answers in a GOP debate.

We know what needs to be done. We have a real problem. When you have 53 percent of Americans paying federal income taxes, but you have 47 percent of Americans who pay no federal income taxes, you have a real problem.

Yes, Bachmann is a nutty person....but this sentiment about the poor has been tossed around by many GOP elected officials. According to Bachmann, America's real problem is not 9% unemployment, falling house prices, foreclosures, low demand, or historically low tax rates on America's wealthy.....the problem we have is that the poorest working families out there don't pay enough in taxes.

Naturally, this is a continuation of the overarching GOP theme, which is that rich people can't produce any more jobs for the "takers" if poor and middle class "takers" don't pay more to make up for our nation's huge shortfall....a shortfall created for the most part by adhering to supply-side gooberism for 30 years.

I'm thinking that a campaign theme of "punishing working families and the poor" will be a non-starter. But hey, go for it, you GOP goobers.

But then, Michelle of the Crazy Eyes had to go all racist on the debate audience....

And that's why in my tax plan, I have everyone paying something because everyone benefits by this magnificent country. So even if it means paying the price of two Happy Meals a year, like $10, everyone can afford to pay at least that.

Translation: You welfare mamas and papas out there are always, you know, going through the drive-thru at McDonald's to pick up "happy meals" for your illegitimate children. Happy meals are not cheap....and since taxpayers are paying for those welfare happy lazy-asses can at least send in $10 per year to pay for the deeper tax cuts we have planned for the top 1%, you know, the "jaahhb creators."

Nice...and oh-so-subtle.

Losers, each and every one.



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