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The Nobel Peace Prize

By The Reverend Published: October 10, 2009

I must say that I really haven't been surprised by the response of conservatives and Village-whore media to President Obama's winning of the Nobel Peace Prize yesterday. From the start of his presidency it has been made clear that the main objective of Obama's instant-opposition has been to see Obama "fail." Winning a prestigious award is not "failing".....or is it?

For today's conservatives, Democrats have no legitimate right to govern, even when elected by a wide margin.

For today's Village-whore media, Democrats, even when elected by a wide margin by the American people, are still never to be taken seriously. Even though Americans elected Democrats by a wide margin to govern the nation, whore-media has spent the majority of their time this year consulting Republicans and conservatives, giving their criticisms, even when those criticisms are obviously batsh*t crazy, serious, thorough and repetitive consideration.

Just as today's conservatives and Republicans still refuse to recognize the disastrous policies and decisions of the previous Republican administration, whore-media still refuses to acknowledge their role in obediently assisting that administration in carrying out those disastrous policies and decisions.

Because, apparently, todays' conservatives and whore-media are no longer capable of self-reflection and objectivity, any and all "news" is interpreted as bad for Obama and the Democrats. Even when it's news all Americans should be proud of.

The "liberal" NY Times writer, Adam Nagourney, as scrawled across today's AB Journal front page headline, depicts the Nobel award to Obama as, "A Mixed Blessing."

Instead of recognizing the authentic relief and renewed hope the rest of the world is experiencing because of America's election of a thoughtful, intelligent, inclusive, diplomatic, war-is-not-the-first-option, leader, the "liberal" Times writer gives us this....

"It was a reminder of the gap between the ambitious promise of his words and his accomplishments."


" set off another round of mocking criticism from opponents who have chafed at what they see as the charmed and entitled rise of Obama."


"It was all but impossible to escape the fact that in the politically polarized world where Obama operates..... this was another complication."


" Fairly or not..... Obama has not gotten much done."


"... the White House clearly hopes that this is one celebration where the congratulations do not go on for too long."


"The image of Europe celebrating him as a global peacemaker recalled the period during the presidential race when Sen. John McCain's campaign portrayed Obama as a vapid celebrity playing to huge European crowds, a line of attack that left the normally sure-footed Obama team flummoxed."

You see? Obama being awarded with the Nobel is not only a bad thing for Obama, something America should be embarrassed or ashamed about, but it also only confirms conservative, Republican and Village criticisms of Obama.

And that's from the "liberal" NY Times.

In an AB Journal-front-page-headlined piece by a "liberal" NY Times writer....we are given the hapless RNC Chairman Michael Steele's response, the racist and sexist Rush Limbaugh's response and this response by the repellently assholian, Bob Kerry, former Democratic senator from Nebraska.....

''The Nobel Committee couldn't award the peace prize to the voters of the United States, but that's what they are doing,''

Excuse me Bob, what?

Speaking of assholian only the first 45 seconds of a smiling, sophomoric, David Gregory, orgasmically mocking an American president winning the Nobel Peace Prize.....

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Once again, this is not Beck or Limbaugh....this is the, you know, "liberal" NBC's Meet the Press moderator. Fluffy is gleeful in his mockery suggesting that because Obama was nominated for the award in February of this year that the entire process was laughable....despite the fact (as Matthews reminds him) that the decision was not made until September. Fluff, just like the Times' Nagourney, is completely oblivious to how the rest of the world regards the return of sanity to the American White House. To acknowledge the view of America by the rest of the world, to Villagers like Gregory and Nagourney, would be acknowledging their own slavish complicity with the totally disastrous "leadership" of the previous administration.

Often, my friend Da King, asks me what I mean when I talk about the Village or the Villagers.

Look no further for the answer.


For a non-Village, objective, historical look at Obama's Nobel Peace Prize watch this excellent segment from last night's Rachel Maddow show...

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