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The NSA's Knee Padding Seminars

By The Reverend Published: September 30, 2007


When the state needs to take pre-emptive measures to control what the media says, the state does stuff like this.....

Frustrated by press leaks about its most sensitive electronic surveillance work, the secretive National Security Agency convened an unprecedented series of off-the-record "seminars" in recent years to teach reporters about the damage caused by such leaks and to discourage reporting that could interfere with the agency's mission to spy on America's enemies.

The half-day classes featured high-ranking NSA officials highlighting objectionable passages in published stories and offering "an innocuous rewrite" that officials said maintained the "overall thrust" of the articles but omitted details that could disclose the agency's techniques, according to course outlines obtained by The New York Sun. Link

I would be interested in the conservative viewpoint on this NSA practice.

Being the far left pinko-commie-ter'rist-lovin'-Amurica-hatin'....person that I am.....I just don't think the NSA needs to be briefing journalists about how they should do their jobs.

I guess it's the..."highlighting objectionable passages in published stories and offering "an innocuous rewrite" .....part, that bothers me.

Of course, true Knee Padders didn't need a seminar in order to write "innocously" about Commander Guy's f-ups. That's how they earned their name in the first place.

I'm guessing wildly here, but methinks the seminars, held by the intimidating NSA, and held between the years 2002 and 2004, were probably meant to insure positive stories about the Decider leading up to his re-election.

And it worked with the Padders at the NY Times, for example, who decided not to run a story on Bush's illegal spying on America until after the election.

Hey, seminars can be helpful.



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