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The Oracle Speaks

By The Reverend Published: September 17, 2007


Alan Greenspan never experienced any political inconvenience when he kept his big Oracle mouth shut while Bush Baby was deeply cutting taxes for those in Alan's tax bracket now, did he?

Well now that he has a new book to hawk, Greenspan has become a lot like a male version of the Chatty Kathy doll.....

Without elaborating, he writes, "I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil." Link

The "politically inconvenient" part is quite interesting, isn't it? Who would you say would be inconvenienced politically by saying outright that invading and occupying Iraq was for the sake of Iraq's oil?

But there's more brilliance from the guy who is married to Andrea Mitchell of NBC News fame....

He argues, for example, that the loss of manufacturing jobs in the United States -- from the steel, automobile and textile industries to computers and telecommunications -- "is a plus, not a minus, to the American standard of living."

See why he's called the Oracle? Me either. Ya' know, for some reason I don't think, like, steel and auto workers see the loss of their jobs as a "plus" to their "standard of living"...but I'm nutty that way.

Wait there's more....

Greenspan has nothing but praise for hedge funds, which he describes as "a vibrant trillion-dollar industry dominated by U.S. firms." He claims that hedge funds help eliminate inefficiency in the markets. "They are essentially free of government regulation, and I hope they will remain so." He scoffs at proposals to regulate them, declaring, "Why do we wish to inhibit the pollinating bees of Wall Street?"

Alan waxes metaphorically.....again, because he is just so far above the rest of us intellectually. Hedge funds....the very part of the unregulated marketplace that helped to bring about the volatility we are seeing in the market right now, are not simply unregulated instruments of greed gone wild, no, no, no....they are the "pollinating bees of Wall Street". And you know how indispensable bees are to pollination.

I mean Jeemaney Christmas, what's next? Regulating bee pollination?

One more...

While an admirer of Bill Clinton overall...Greenspan says this about the Lewinsky affair....

"I wondered how the president could take such a risk. It seemed so alien to the Bill Clinton I knew, and made me feel disappointed and sad."

Yeah that Bill....taking risks like getting a hummer in the White House. "So alien" to the president Alan knew...or maybe he didn't know Clinton at all. Maybe he didn't know that Clinton could tell the difference, say, in a blowjob and an imperialistic act of aggression against a sovereign country.

The one was not a "risk" at all and the other, which he didn't do, was always a huge gamble.

Read the whole thing....Greenspan speaks about how Clinton had to clean up Reagan's deficits. Conservative fawners over Ronald McDonald will love that part.



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