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The Party of Wishful Thinking

By The Reverend Published: April 1, 2009

A wishful thinking meme has been developing within conservative Republican circles and their corporate Village media lapdogs that goes something like this.....paraphrasing.....

"Remember 1994? That's when Republicans roared back under Captain Newton Gingrich and took control of the House of Representatives. The Mighty Republican Revolution. After only two years of President Clenis, voters threw the Democrats out on their ear. That's what is going to happen again in 2010. The tax and spend liberals will be thrown out in 2010 just like they were in 1994. President Obama's policies are so radical, so European and so crazy, that voters will soon reject his political party and fall back in love with the Serious Leaders.....Republicans."

Today's post is intended to demonstrate how foolish the above paraphrased 'wishful thinking' is. I don't want conservative Republicans getting their electoral hopes up, you know, needlessly.

So let's consider the results of a new Washington Post/ABC News poll.

Asked who was responsible for the economic meltdown, 80 percent in the poll blamed banks, financial institutions and corporations. Some 70 percent also blamed consumers for taking on too much debt and the former Bush administration for lax regulation. Only 26 percent said the Obama administration was not doing enough to turn the situation around.

Two-thirds of respondents approve of the way Obama is handling the presidency, and 60 percent approve of the way he is handling the economy.

Sixty-four percent said were confident Obama's policies will improve the economy, down from 72 percent just before he took office in January.

Forty two percent said the country was now heading in the right direction, a five-year high. Late last year, when then-President George W. Bush was in its final months, as many as nine in 10 American said the country was heading in the wrong direction.

So, despite the corporate-whore media's efforts suggesting that President Obama is doing too much/not enough, that Obama is too glib, laughs too much, is over-exposed on the teevee, has a wife with arms too muscular and is soooooo boring in his press conferences......despite all that vapid horsesh*t......voila!....Obama is still wildly popular and is not being blamed for our current economic mess.

Now, look at this recent Gallup chart.....

Democrats have a big majority in the House and have 58 reliable votes in the Senate.....meaning, that Democrats are the majority party "handling the job" in Congress. The Gallup poll chart shows a steep rise in approval of the Congress in the last 2 months.

But how are Republicans faring?.......

The Reverend is not a polling-chart expert.....but what I do know is that 57% is over twice as big a percentage as 22%. Whatever 'wishful thinking' the GOP enthusiasts may be harboring about regaining a Congressional majority in 2010.....the numbers don't seem to support such 'thinking.'

Let's consider last night's special New York state Congressional election know, just for good measure.

Democrat, Scott Murphy, and Republican, James Tedisco, ran against each other yesterday for the House seat vacated by Kirsten Gillibrand, who now occupies Hillary Clinton's vacated Senate seat. As of this morning, the Democrat, Murphy, is leading the Republican, Tedisco, by a very narow 65 votes.

But, consider this.....

For Republicans seeking a comeback, or at least a rallying point, the contest held promise. The party holds a voter registration advantage of about 70,000 in the district, the biggest Republican margin in New York.

Surely, if Republicans were on the threshold of a big Gingrichian comeback ala 1994, this New York Congressional seat special election would mark that comeback's beginning....right? "Wishful thinking' aside....if the Republican candidate can't win in a district where the GOP has a 70,000 registration advantage.....where CAN they win?

Sadly, there is no joy in Republican Mudville today. The Republican Party, devastated and left on life-support by the criminal leadership of Republicans, George W. Bush and Richard "Call me Dick" Cheney, have still not come to grips with reality. The Party of Lincoln can continue to rely on foolish corporate-whore media lackeys, primarily on FOX, who simply INSIST a roaring GOP comeback is imminent.....OR....the Party of Lincoln can face reality, regroup, and RETHINK their stone-age policies. Policies now thoroughly rejected by a big majority of American voters.

'Wishful thinking' just not a viable way forward.



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