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The Plan All Along

By The Reverend Published: July 11, 2011

For over 2 years I have been asking myself why it is that Barack Obama hasn't used his excellent oratory skills to inform and educate Americans about the massive failure of conservative economics and how that failure brought the nation to the threshold of a new Great Depression. 30 years of supply side economics imposed by radicalized Republicans and many corporate Democrats, decades of deregulating paper and money shuffling non-producer industries, and a sustained period when corporate lawyers have been writing our national laws after bribing elected officials with truckloads of campaign cash.....have all resulted in the current dysfunction of our economy and our federal government.

Obama swept the political nation by storm in 2008. He did so by flexing his communication skills muscles. Whatever you think of the guy, most everyone agrees that the President is one of the finest public speech makers America has ever had. The question The Reverend wrestled with in the first 18 months of Obama's presidency was why, given the timing and nature of our great recession, didn't Obama take the opportunity of our national economic collapse to educate Americans over how such a collapse could have happened and who was most responsible for it.

Early on, I thought that Obama wasn't using his "bully pulpit" to explain the Great Recession because he was a black man. We've witnessed the hysterical and embarrassing knee-jerk reaction by many conservatives to the election of America's first black president....which crystallized in the WTF movement we've come to know as the Tea Party....and there is no doubt that had Obama thundered down a few bully pulpit admonishments to the banksters and crooks who created our economic downfall or the Republican policies which set the stage for our economic downfall....then Barack Obama would have been instantly labeled an "angry black man."

So, early on I thought that was why Obama was refraining from calling out the conservatives and the crooked capitalists for what they have done to the nation. But I don't think that anymore.

Obama hasn't used his bully pulpit, his oratorical skills, to explain how and why our economy has imploded.....because Obama actually sides with those who have blown our economy up. Obama, like Bill Clinton before him, is simply a corporatist leader.

Franklin Roosevelt, a true Democrat, welcomed the hatred of the bankster class and the Republicans who serviced them back in the 1930's. Obama, on the other hand, is so worried about his one-time slip of the tongue calling banksters "fat cats"...that he had to meet recently with a group of banksters to dab their heartbroken tears away with the assurance that he didn't really mean any if it. And he didn't. Obama hasn't even pushed for implementation of the weak Dodd-Frank re-regulation-of-banksters legislation. Those crony capitalist banksters are still selling credit default bets on unknowable-valued mortgage derivatives while handing each other even bigger bonus checks than ever....nothing, really...has changed.

Yes, Obama has had fierce and stubborn GOP resistance at every turn. Republicans have obstructed just about everything. But that doesn't explain Obama's failure to use his bully pulpit.....over and over reinforce the mighty failure of modern conservative economics. No one is holding President Obama back from welcoming opposition hatred over the truth of the utter and irresponsible failures of supply side economics. Obama has held himself back.

Now, with President Obama's positioning in the so-called debt and deficit discussions.....all doubt about his corporatism has vanished.

"Just like every family in America, the federal government has to do two things at once. It has to live within its means while still investing in the future." the President said.

The federal government is NOT "just like every family in America." That is a phony Republican, corporatist meme which is subtly misleading. The average American family can't just sell T-bonds to raise money. No, the federal government and the "average family" are not the same when it comes to economic matters. The federal government must become the demand-supplier of last resort during a recession...or the entire national family will suffer.

Instead of Obama calling for MORE federal spending in light of our high and stubborn unemployment numbers, he has instead sided with Republicans in calling for up to $2.4 trillion in government spending cuts over the next 10 years. There is no doubt that cutting ANY government spending right now will only add to the nation's recessionary woes....yet, Obama is moving full speed ahead with Republicans to do just that.

This is what Obama wanted all along. Obama agrees with the make-believe GOP argument that cutting spending will create jobs somehow. It won't...create jobs. Cutting spending will eliminate jobs, just as we've witnessed in the shedding of 500,000 state jobs in Tea Party-led states where spending has been drastically slashed. More unemployment won't stimulate the economy, it will depress it further.

Republicans have acknowledged repeatedly that the debt ceiling MUST be raised before August 2nd. In that acknowledgement they have already conceded to raising the ceiling. Instead of Obama taking advantage of that GOP concession and using his bully pulpit to drive the point home to the American people.....he has opted to join Republicans in their phony argument over cutting spending as a pre-requisite to raising the debt ceiling.

Obama hasn't been FORCED into doing any of what I've mentioned here. He's doing so because this is what he has been planning on doing all along.



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