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The Plan: Hide In Plain Sight

By The Reverend Published: August 19, 2013

Last week, RNC Chair Reince Priebus announced the full RNC's vote to boycott any and all primary debates conducted by CNN and NBC....if the two teevee channels dared to air documentaries or mini-series about Hillary Clinton.

Just like when Senate Minority Leader McConnell sent a letter to professional sports leagues threatening their "reputations" if they teamed with the White House to advertise the rollout of Obamacare.....Priebus' RNC had warned CNN and NBC about their choice of entertainment programming in 2014, threatening the two teevee channels with a Republican debate boycott if the "liberal" channels followed through with their planned Hillary programming content.

These threats by the RNC and elected Republicans come 5 months after the RNC autopsy report. In that report, Republicans explained how the party......

...."needs to stop talking to itself" and needs to open the tent in order to win presidential elections in the future. "We have become expert at how to provide ideological information to like-minded people but ,devastatingly, we have lost the ability to be persuasive with or welcoming to those who don't agree with us on every issue,"

So...boycotting any scheduled primary debates on CNN and NBC somehow helps the GOP in their need to stop talking to itself? If, indeed, CNN and NBC are "liberal" teevee channels, then.....wouldn't the channels' audiences for GOP primary debates be full of non-Republicans.....the very folks "who don't agree with us on every issue", the very folks Priebus claimed Republicans needed to be "talking to?"

However, the autopsy report released in March offers another reason why the RNC wants to limit debate exposure by their presidential candidates......

“I would limit the [GOP primary] debates to a reasonable amount — I don’t know, maybe seven or eight, but not 23,...."

He said 2012 saw “way too many debates with our candidates slicing and dicing each other” and that the number of debates was “ridiculous.”

Let's review....Republicans need to stop only talking to themselves....but....also cut down on the number of times presidential candidates answer questions in front of a national audience. Could be mistaken, but those two things seem contradictory.

But what's not contradictory is what else Priebus said about the 2012 GOP primary debates....."candidates slicing and dicing each other." I would suggest that therein lies the Republican reason for cutting down on the number of times their candidates answer questions in front of U.S. teevee audiences.

The 2012 Republican primary debates were....yes...often embarrassing for the GOP.....but not because of the number of debates. Those primaries were embarrassing to the GOP because of the performances by many of the GOP candidates. Those primaries were embarrassing to the GOP because many of their primary candidates were embarrassing candidates. "9-9-9" Herman, Michele Bachmann, Rick "no-contraception" Santorum, Huckster Gingrich, etc.

But the real reason for the RNC's desire to cut back on the amount of debate exposure their presidential candidates receive is because of the GOP's wildly unpopular policies. The more often GOP primary candidates answer questions by non-Foxians, the more often U.S. voters may be exposed to modern conservative/Tea policies. Anti-women's autonomy policies, policies over gun rights, climate change, more tax cuts for the wealthy, slashing the safety net, repealing Obamacare before implementation, "self-deportation" immigration policies, anti-gay Marriage name just a few.

A majority of U.S. voters disagree with those GOP policies and Priebus and the RNC know that. What's an out-of-touch political party to do about that?

Blame the "liberal" media, accusing them (again, or still) of siding with the dreaded Democrats, or otherwise not giving Republican candidates a "fair shake." That's what the CNN/NBC boycott is all about. Reviving the already-badly-beaten-yet-still-dead phantom "liberal media" horse......for another sound pummeling.

In this, Republicans are not trying to reach non-Republicans with some alleged "message." Rather, cutting back on the number of GOP presidential debates and boycotting "liberal" teevee debates is an effort to shield 'the people we usually don't talk to' from both not-ready-for-prime-time GOP candidates and very unpopular GOP policies. In other words, the efforts of the RNC.....despite what's in their own autopsy to.....control, and in their favor, any and all GOP primary debates.

Here's the smoking gun.....

GOP insiders tell Secrets that they are considering other choices, even a heavyweight panel of radio bigs Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin.

They told Secrets that they are eager to bring in questioners who understand Republican policies and beliefs and who have the ability to get candidates to differentiate their positions on core conservative values.

The move comes as several conservatives are pressuring the party to have Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin ask the debate questions. “It makes a lot of sense. We’d get a huge viewership, they’d make a lot of news and maybe have some fun too,” said one of the advocates of the radio trio hosting debates.

"GOP insiders" have no intention of trying to reach out to Independent or Democratic voters.....they're after full party control of the primary debate process. They also have no intention of allowing their candidates to be asked difficult questions about unpopular conservative policies.

Instead, it's all about the GOP, and it's candidates, bravely and courageously "hiding in plain sight."



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