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The Post Explains The Dem Collapse. Bonus Short Rant

By The Reverend Published: August 12, 2007


In Sunday's Washington Post Joby Warrick and Walter Pincus report on the Democratic collapse on the FISA re-write bill.

If these guys are telling the truth, then The Reverend had it dead to right when I said last Thursday August 2nd(Surveilling An Ass Covering)......

Summarizing: Bush has violated the 4th amendment to the Constitution and FISA laws, impeachable offenses, by illegally spying on Americans without benefit of oversight. Now because of Gonzales, Comey and Mueller's testimony recently Bush knows he's in trouble. Solution: Stir the frightening waters of terror warnings and alerts in order to push Congress into letting him off the hook with expansionistic executive spying powers.

From today's Post article....

Congressional, administration and intelligence officials last week described the events leading up to the approval of this surveillance, including a remarkable series of confrontations that ended with McConnell and the White House outmaneuvering the Democratic-controlled Congress, partly by capitalizing on fresh reports of a growing terrorism threat.

"We had a forcing function," a senior administration official said, referring to the intelligence community's public report last month that said al-Qaeda poses a growing threat to the United States and to lawmakers' desire to leave town in August. "The situation was key to making it work," the official said, adding that the report's conclusions were "fortuitous" rather than engineered. Source

Of course, one man's "fortuitous" is someone else's "cherry picking",..... at least that's what The Dick says. But I digress....

What we are seeing happening in Washington D.C., when the stakes are so high, is quite

un-f'ing-believable remarkable.

I mean, Holy Mother of God, you expect a bunch of representatives who've been bought and paid for, in a perfectly legal way mind you, to make a few billion dollar no-bid contracts to the crooks who brung 'em to the dance.....yeah you expect that....but what you don't expect is some of these same representatives wiping their anal openings with the Constitution of the United States and placing it in the, we goddamned didn't expect that.

Enough the Post article if you would like to understand how this completely choreographed event happened.



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