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The Power Of Hate

By The Reverend Published: July 25, 2014

Israeli scoreboard: 808 dead Palestinians, mostly civilians. 32 dead Israeli soldiers, 3 dead Israeli civilians.

Yesterday's highlight was an Israeli rocket attack on a UN school building.where 15 Gazans were killed.

Elsewhere on the Hate Front.....

The tea party conservative representing Longview in Austin was criticized from the right Wednesday as he advocated compassion for immigrants and outlined legal steps that can be taken at the state level.

Texas GOP U.S. Rep. David Simpson is not to be confused with a progressive. He is a "tea party conservative." Mr. Simpson held a townhall style meeting with concerned constituents....concerned over all those Latino teenagers trying to enter the U.S.

Simpson’s combined approach of compassion for children beset by predators tempered with more stern action along the border wasn’t always what the crowd wanted to hear.

It seems that compassion is not a strongly held value by Simpson's constituents......

“I’ve got four kids and a fifth one on the way,” Ben Denson of Gilmer told Simpson from a forum microphone. “These (Central American) kids have scabies and influenza, viral pneumonia, leprosy. These kids are going to be part of the school system. ... They are bleeding Texas (Democrat) blue.”


“Don’t take what we say personally,” Rolland told Simpson. “We need our borders protected. We need a lot of things, but what we don’t need is more people at the trough. These people are not coming in with a good, Christian heart. Most of them are criminals, anyway.”

You see, good, Christian-hearted folk, you know, those who believe devoutly that God is Love, are known for their compassion for the poor, the outcasts, the sick and the....children. Wait....what? Let's get back to that.

When your constituents daily absorb the rantings emanating from AM Hate Radio and Fox......even a Tea Party conservative representative is not quite extreme enough for your liking. Hate Media has informed Simpson's constituents that 1) any comprehensive immigration legislation is only a plot to benefit the Democratic Party ("they are bleeding Texas blue") and 2) "illegals" are only trying to enter our country, like all Democratic voters, to get free stuff..."more people at the trough."

When those lessons in Hate are properly learned, all in the name of patriotism, then values like compassion and empathy can easily be put on a shelf, reserved for those who are deserving, that is, good-hearted Christians.

Fox and Rush have been polluting the national discourse with Hate-for-the-Other for over two decades. All of this Hate-spewng has been for the sole purpose of finding enough voters to keep the Republican Party viable....and that is why you'll often hear the Haters swear that they only detest progressive POLICIES, not progressive VOTERS. But far-right conservative "news" audience-members aren't quite that discerning....or deceitful.

Now here's the danger. Obama's presidency will last over two more years. Unless something dramatic occurs, Obama will be followed by, at least, four more years of a Hillary presidency. That's over 6 more years for Hate Media to work it's evil.

Question: What kind of constituent monsters, I mean good-hearted Christian soldiers, will House representatives be facing in townhall meetings...then?

Point being.....Hate Media may be lucrative for a handful of profit seekers, egomaniacs, conscienceless grifters and deception artists....but Hate media is creating an ugly, uncontrollable and increasingly hateful segment of American voters who threaten to tear our once-united country apart piece by piece. That is beneficial to all Americans, how?

Note to the Dr. Frankenstein Hate the monster you've created.

Back to the "good hearted Christian" reference. According to the Christian instruction manual....also known as the Bible....all of the Law of Moses can be boiled down to one thy neighbor. Further, the command to love thy neighbor includes any and all neighbors who are in need. Further still....New Testament Christian "circumcision", as it were, is explained by the Apostle Paul as "circumcision of the heart."

All meaning that Christian love, the kind that responds to all neighbors in need, in order to be truly Christian, must be "heart-felt."

With that in the comments from Republican Tea Party Rep. David Simpson's townhall sound like comments from good-hearted Christians?

If your answer is no, then at least partial responsibility lies at the feet of Hate Media. Hate Media has worked hard to help the Republican Party......Limbaugh once claiming he "carried water" for the GOP. But the Hate Media Way to assist the GOP has resulted in the slow evaporation of basic human decency within its audiences.

To the point now where self-proclaimed good-hearted Christians love the Hate more than they love their neighbors. To the point where even a "compassionate" appreciation of the plight of fleeing-from-violence, teenage Latinos by a rigid right-wing ideologue down in Tea Party Texas is rejected out of hand by good-hearted Christian voters.

That's the power of Hate. It makes even good-hearted Christians, literally, lose their religion.



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