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The Republican Party: Party of Intolerant Voters

By The Reverend Published: September 29, 2007


Tavis Smiley on the GOP frontrunners and their refusal to deal with minorities...

"When you say no to every black and brown request you receive, is that a scheduling problem or is that a pattern? They're trying to go, these frontrunners, these Republican frontrunners, trying to go through this entire primary process and never have to address voters of color and never queried journalists of color. And I think in the most multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-ethnic America ever, that quite frankly, is unacceptable."

Think Progress adds this....

This is now the third minority-focused debate in which the Republican front runners have refused to participate. They also did not attend a debate on gay issues hosted by the Human Rights Campaign and the Logo network as well as a Spanish-language debate hosted by Univision. Link

The no-show GOP frontrunners were McCain, Thompson, Romney and Giuliani.

I think this is the question calling for an answer: Why would the leading presidential candidates from the GOP purposely avoid debates held by minority groups?

I'll suggest an answer.... Primary voters.

GOP primary voters are the loyalists, the true believers, the backbone of the party.

Sadly, it has become necessary for candidates seeking the GOP nomination to snub minorities in order to convince loyalist GOP primary voters that they are not RINO's(Republican in name only). In other words, ignoring minorities is now a litmus test inside the Republican Party.

How American are Republican primary voters if they demand from their frontrunner candidates a significant display of disregard for minority groups before they can vote for them?

Let's look at the groups for a second. Blacks, Hispanics and Gays. From the 60's forward, the Republican Party has used the hush-hush "southern strategy" to attract racist Americans into their political fold. Now some 90+% of African Americans vote Democratic.

In spite of Bush Junior's fair attempt to soften the GOP's contempt for Hispanics with his Immigration Bill, wingnut radio and minority haters would have none of it. Choosing instead to villify Hispanics with over-charged rhetoric of crime and terrorism, etc. The bill was sidelined.

Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway,...Republicans have been out front bashing gays and seeking to pass a national amendment for the sole purpose of denigrating gays. Republicans led out in the detestable anti-homosexual, anti-cohabitating heterosexual referendum in Ohio in 2004. Ohio is only one of many states to go on record as being anti-American by advocating for and encouraging the passage of discriminatory social policies.

It appears that the base of the Republican party,(those who vote in primaries), now require their presidential candidates to be discriminatory before they will vote for them. Why else would these grown men, who are the GOP's frontrunners, purposely snub these minority debates?

Racism and discrimination have become the unwritten platform planks of the Republican Party. Snubbing these minority debates is the proof.

Bonus question: Why in the hell would any American want to vote for a political party whose foundational precepts, whether written or unwritten, are intended to treat a significant portion of America as second class citizens?



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