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The Reverend Defines A Few Blog Words

By The Reverend Published: July 25, 2007


Within the political blogosphere, you will find what may appear at first to be a somewhat curious usage of certain words, phrases, abbreviations, etc. This post seeks to clarify and define some of these. Misunderstanding and/or confusion is never good when seeking to communicate.The Reverend, at times, will use some of these terms for the purpose of mockery and ridicule, among other purposes.

Political commentary blogs are typically not made up of dry, boring, conventional blah, blah, blah. Not the ones that are read regularly, at least. Political commentary and analysis blogs are meant to confront the reader and provoke him or her. That's where the unique words, phrases, etc. come in. For example....

Wingnut, winger, wingnuttia, wingnuttery,......a wingnut is a person who accepts "faith based" explanations rather than reality based ones. A wingnut believes in everything the Bush administration says in spite of there being absolutely no empirical evidence to support doing so. A perfect example of this definition is what The Reverend witnesses on a daily basis concerning Saddam's fictitious WMD's(weapons of mass destruction). Even though no WMD's were ever found in Iraq....wingnuts still believe they were found or that they were transported out of Iraq before we invaded. There is, of course, no evidence to support this belief whatsoever, but wingers still believe it and continue to this day to spout it.

Knee Pad Media, Knee Padders,.......The Reverend takes great pride in the use of this term and has sought to spread it far and wide. Knee Pad Media will be abbreviated at times to KPM. Knee Padders in the media are people who look and talk and act like they are, you know, journalists or reporters, but who are really only doing whatever it is they are doing in the "service" of the establishment powers, most often the White House. Sightings of this media phenomenon began to increase immediately after George W. Bush took office. KPM is not to be confused with Main Stream Media(MSM) even though similarities do exist. Knee Padders, as the name suggests, reveal themselves in columns and commentaries and teevee appearances that "suck-up" to the White House in an obviously obscene manner.

See how much fun blogging can be?

Rubber Stamp Republicans, Rubber Stampers, Stampers....This term is rarely abbreviated. It is self-explanatory for the most part. It refers specifically to the Republican Senate and House members from January, 2001 until January, 2007. During this period Republicans refused to conduct oversight of the executive branch and did everything within their control to aid and abet George W. Bush's every illegal whim. These Rubber Stampers are still trying to Stamp Bush's illegal war, his illegal wiretapping of Americans, his illegal politicizing of the Justice Department, his illegal torturing, his get the idea.

Codpiece, Commander Guy, Decider.....these are names of endearment for the president, George W. Bush. Commander Guy and Decider are both names Bush gave to himself. How can I argue with the president? Codpiece describes Bush's "Mission Accomplished" moment and has to do with the crotch area of his play costume that day. Look it up for further details. The Reverend will make ample use of these titles.

Reading or writing blogs can be quite an enjoyable and informative experience, actually, but it always helps if one has a few roadsigns to help out along the way. Consider the above definitions as kind of a.....I don't know....public blog service announcement. I return you now to your regularly scheduled reading.



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