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The Reverend Gets His Freak On

By The Reverend Published: September 13, 2007


New CNN video piece on 9-11, you need to see it if you haven't....or not,'s three minutes long....

I'll wait...

...Ya' back? Ok. The following is an example of why some folks, with no offense meant whatsoever, might think The Reverend is, like, you know, crazeee.....

Hold on while I take my commie-pinko-whacko-liberal cap off and put my tinfoil, complete with chin strap, conspiracy theory crazed, lunatic fringe hat on, which, out of necessity, means that I now have questions about the mystery plane in the CNN video which just freaking COINCIDENTALLY flew over when the Pentagon was hit. And here's where I go off the deep end, ya' see, because I now have questions about the plane, which we don't know anything about really, just COINCIDENTALLY housed an 'emergency government' communications and control center, all on the fly.

You're damn skippy The Reverend has questions.

Who dispatched that plane? Why was it dispatched? Where was it going? On whose orders? Where DID it land? Who was inside the plane? Where did it take off from? Why or how is it that there's no official explanation for this plane? Should information about this plane be classified?

And I think the question of questions is...
How could it possibly be that the Great and Marvelous and don't forget Awesome, 9-11 Commission didn't, by, I don't know, f**cking happenstance perhaps, know anything about this plane? Hmmm? Thorough bunch they were indeed, with Bush's bud Philip Zelikow controlling the backroom operation of those who did the, you know, investigation work. Zelikow was the executive director of the 9-11 Commission. Actual Commission members were all way too busy making freaking teevee appearances and firming up their high profile "brand name" opportunities. Best not waste those valuable chances.

The Commission members read what Zelikow fed them.

To this day the issues raised by David Ray Griffin's book "Omissions and Distortions of the 9-11 Commission" have not been answered. If you have any interest in this stuff at all, you should read that book. It is especially helpful to have read the 9-11 Commission Report first, but it's not essential and Griffin's book is a quick read.

There is no question that on 9-11, 19 Muslim extremist f**kers either hit the lottery of lottery for jihad players, or these suiciders had little resistance or interference while playing. There is enough evidence to make a case of prior knowledge by certain powerful people.

The number of Americans that believe 9-11 was partially, at least, an inside job has grown to 40%. They haven't grown to 40% because, like, Satan, is all up inside these doubters heads and sh*t. It's because of the clearly laid out evidence by people like Griffin and others, that explains why Americans are doubting the official story more and more.

Free Speech TV has played Paul Thompson's 9-11 Press for Truth film's quite well done.....and you know what?...I didn't spot one tin foil hat attired person during the whole thing. I know....sounds crazy....but it's true. The film lays down a narrative that provokes many questions and illuminates many discrepancies in the official conspiracy theory presented in,.... need I mention it?,.....the very, serious, sober, certain and somber Commission Report.

But now don't anybody go getting there bowels in an uproar about any of this here stuff.....I am just so sure that each and every little bitty, teeny weeny, contradiction, discrepancy or "we just don't f**king know" statement, is simply all some (gasp...catch me I'm fainting) misunderstanding, I mean, helles belles Loretta, our government wouldn't do anything like that (crosses his or herself).

I'll tell ya' what the answer must be then, it's all gotta' just be a bunch of, whattya call those things?....oh yeah.....coincidences....Yeah....I'm sure that's it.

Once again...commemorate the coincidences.

Note: The picture above in no way reflects nor resembles the actual, you know, Reverend, in any even miniscule way.....The Reverend looks much freakier than that.



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