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The Reverend Gives The GOP Some Advice

By The Reverend Published: October 8, 2007


You know how Republicans always run on tax cuts? And you know how Republicans always SAY that their tax cuts will help average American workers even though they never do? And then, of course, you know how many relatively unsophisticated voters will actually believe the lies of those tax cutting Republicans and, like, go ahead and vote for them anyway...even though doing so goes against their own interests?

Keeping those things in mind....look at what the Wall Street Journal has to say about the matter....

America's swing voters, especially the suburban "security moms," who abandoned the GOP in droves in 2006 still hold Republicans in very low regard. What has party tacticians especially spooked is that these independents are apparently not much attracted to what the Republicans are saying about taxes. That's a bitter pill for party leaders to swallow, because for 25 years the anti-tax banner has been a political trump card for conservative candidates. A top strategist at the Republican National Committee who attended the meeting told me: "Our tax message has worn thin." Link

You know Republicans are about to fall on some very hard times when their tax cutting

bullsh*t message "has worn thin" with independents and suburban moms.

This, not from the New York Times or the Washington Post, but from Rupert Murdoch's new purchase...the ultra-conservative Wall Street Journal.

Well, what should the party of wingnuts do when even their default

bullsh*t message won't resonate?

Here's what I think the Great Warrior Party should do now that their tax cut

bullsh*t message has lost its appeal. I think that the GOP should encourage Americans to vote Republican because Republicans will bring a great return on investment....literally. Republicans should drop any pretense and just speak their corrupt and criminal minds.

Tell voters they can get rich with Republican politicians in office if they just buy defense stocks. The GOP'ers can simply take the place of stockbrokers in our society and provide the insider information Americans need if they're going to cash in on Republican wars, the other GOP platform plank. It could be a package deal.

Republicans can offer a turn-key operation. They'll start the wars, no matter the reason or the consequences, and automatically that will drive defense related stocks up. Kind of a full service supply AND demand operation.

These extremely ethical Republicans can promise American voters that every weekday during the White House press briefing, new stock tips, primarily defense related and energy but not exclusively, will be given out by the White House press secretary. Why not promise something they can actually deliver on? Makes good political sense, right?

Yeah, I think that could be the answer to the Republican Party's difficulty with their traditional tax cutting

bullsh*t message. Why be oblique about tax cutting helping average workers when you know it's not true? Go direct. Don't speak in code. Promise wars, which will involve other people anyway, and then while promising wars...just tell American voters outright how they too, can benefit financially. Insider trading for God that will bring in the votes. Because that's all that could possibly be of any importance to Americans.

That and blastocysts.



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