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The Reverend's Special Prayer

By The Reverend Published: August 28, 2008

Main media whores notwithstanding, the speeches last night by Bill Clinton and John Kerry were truthful and powerful.

Clinton, much to those who earn their livings from a kneeling position's chagrin, smoked his speech last night....and The Reverend inhaled and declared it all good. This was the Clinton politician we remember from the 90's. He made it clear that he, his wife, and his daughter will do everything they can to make sure that Barack Obama is elected president. The ex-president urged all 18 million of Hillary's supporters to do likewise. He insisted that Obama was ready to lead and mocked the ignorant barking by corporate media whores and their customers, Republican powerbrokers, pointing out that the very same criticisms thrown out like so much vulgar bile at Obama were thrown out at him in 1991. One of Bill's strongest lines placed his and Barack Obama's respective campaigns for the presidency..."on the right side of history".

Hillary and Bill Clinton, on successive nights, have proved to the American people that today's corporate media stenographers for the GOP are either comfortably tucked into bed with the powers of the last eight years...or...are completely full of dooey. You decide.

So much for the Clinton-Obama bloodfest predicted by those who allegedly are in the know, the experts....with the emphasis here placed on the 'spurts' syllable of the word.

Special Blog-Interruptus Comment: Those in the stable of media whores found to be luring unsuspecting customers into their bordellos of bullsh*t during this Democratic Convention include the MasterFreak of NBC, Brian Williams and the I-wish-he-had-stayed-retired asshole, Tom Brokaw.

John Kerry gave a very powerful speech last night. His listing of John McCain's incoherence on policy was compelling and persuasive. McCain may once have been an independent politician who dared kick against his own party....but no more. Now McCain, hopelessly self-conflicted to demonstrate his loyalty to a bankrupt and failed political party, doesn't know anymore, what he stands for. Kerry surgically excised that ugly cancerous truth and put it on display for all Americans to see. The Massachusetts senator mocked the upcoming performances in the debates by McCain, pointing out that before McCain debates Obama, he must first finish the debate he's having with himself.

Tonight, Barack Obama, preceded by the elected president of the 2000 presidential race, Al Gore, will inspire American voters, at least those who are not reflexively racist, to take back their country from the destructive and criminal hands of the neo-conservative maniacs. All distinctions with the failed GOP will be clearly made. The Democrats will leave Denver recharged, united and ready to sweep November's election.

The Knee Pad line? The wisdom of corporate media whoredom?

"Barack Obama is a celebrity." My God, what insight.

The Reverend's Special Prayer:
God save us from the red light district media, the stiletto heeled streetwalkers with their suggestive political STD selling, those that kneel down and hook-up like vacuums to the powerful who pat them on their heads. Lord, deliver America from the propagandistic prostitutes for power....for they lurk behind every teevee corner and newspaper byline...seeking out those who they might mislead into the carnal sin of voting for more of the same old heaping pile. Defeat these evil corporate media enemies of all things just and moral, Oh God, and send them back into the dark recesses of back alleys and shabby crack-addict hotel rooms...where they my urgent prayer. Amen....and E-V-E-N Amen.

Update: Also read this fellow believers take.



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