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The Right To Intimidate With Guns

By The Reverend Published: August 18, 2009

From the AP....

About a dozen people carrying guns, including one with a military-style rifle, milled among protesters outside the convention center where President Barack Obama was giving a speech Monday - the latest incident in which protesters have openly displayed firearms near the president.

These Timothy McVeigh wannabes are kind of like vampires. Vampires only come out after dark, you know, according to the movies and all.....and military-style rifle owners only come out in public when America has a Democratic president. It's the damnest thing.

The people wearing firearms at townhall gatherings, the radicals bearing semi-automatic assault weapons outside locations where President Obama is appearing, need to be rounded up and locked away. That's what Bush and Cheney would have done. Is there any doubt about that?

The criminal party, being as lawless as they are, believed that the only way to deal with political opponents was through authoritarian means. Bumper stickers and tee-shirts were where the Bushies drew the line on threats. And that was AFTER the Republican goon squads had filtered, screened and thugged-out any potential Democrat from their public appearances.

If anyone toting an assault weapon had even been rumored to be within miles of Mr. Bush, they would be in Guantanomo today. So, what's happening today over health care reform, for Christ's sake, has no equivalency when Republicans are in power.

What we are witnessing is a dangerous game of taunting Obama's presidency. These, you know, real bad asses, are daring Obama's Secret Service to confiscate their weapons or take them into custody for questioning. Double-dog daring them. Should the Secret Service do so....then ClusterFox and their f*cked-up Friends, "I need an oxycontin" Rush, and representatives of the radical and dangerous NRA will be seen plastered over every teevee show and newspaper article shrieking...."See? I told you they wanted to take away our guns."

That's the primary motivation for wingnuts bringing guns to Democratic presidential events. It's all a game of "gotcha-chicken" being played by members of the criminal political party oh-so-worked-up because Americans overhwlemingly voted their criminal asses out of office last November.

Secondarily comes the intimidation factor. If regular, law abiding, non-radical Americans had thought about attending a townhall where health care reform information from their representative would be shared.....they'll think twice about attending if there is a good chance there will be armed thugs present. Who would blame them for staying home?

That's how the folks who are cerebrally-challenged always act. Conservatives have no new ideas and their old ideas were last seen going down in flames during Bush/Cheney. Just as the last administration only knew bellicosity and knee-jerk warmongering in crisis situations that they either didn't fully understand or didn't care to understand, too the cerebrally-challenged semi-automatic carriers outside townhall meetings.

These potentially dangerous radicals have no answers to our national crisis in health care, just as the Republican Party has no solutions to offer. But they have guns. And if they bring guns to these events, at least they think they can prevent those who aren't cerebrally-challenged from coming up with solutions.

The NRA cultsters, the Tim McVeigh wannabes, the smart-ass "chicken-gotcha" players carrying assault weapons to democratic events....are the grown-up equivalents to that oversized bully in elementary school. You remember that kid. He was the one who was always bigger than the other kids in the class. Although he was dumber than a big box of rocks, he would, literally, throw his size around as a constant threat to anyone who didn't let him have his way.
Even though the big kid was held back, because his mental capabilites didn't match his supersized-self, he still was on the playground at recess acting all intimidating if anyone even looked at him the wrong way.

That's all that's left of the Party of Lincoln. A pitiful mess of box-of-rockers whose answer to all challenges they aren't equipped to intimidating thuggery.

It's only a matter of time before someone gets hurt.....and like with all authoritarian-minded numbskulls whose first response is always violence, they'll point the finger at the victim(s), and say it's all their fault for not giving them everything they wanted.



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