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The Rules Of Exploiting Tragedies

By The Reverend Published: May 4, 2013

I've noticed something recently which I think is quite odd. Perhaps it really isn't odd at all, maybe it's just me. Anyway, let me explain...

Two tragic events, two distinct and diametrically opposite responses from conservatives.

1) Benghazi.....a violent murderous event in Libya winds up killing four U.S. citizens including an ambassador at some makeshift embassy. The violence occurred in the midst of Libyan civil unrest and uncertainty in the wake of the overthrow and eventual killing of Mohammar Ghaddafi. Benghazi is in the eastern region of Libya, the same region which sent the most Islamic fighters into Iraq to kill American soldiers during Don Rumsfeld's "cakewalk" there.

Just as U.S. leaders did in the early 1980's, arming Osama Bin Laden and his mujahadeen to fight the Soviets in too in Libya, the NATO alliance nations supplying Libyan "rebels" with arms to take down Ghaddaffi. Lots and lots of new-fangled U.S. weaponry in the hands of Libyans. Libyans from the same region which sent the most Islamic "fighters" into Iraq to kill American soldiers a few short years ago.

Conservatives in the U.S. have yet to stop attacking the Obama administration over the Benghazi "scandal.". Numerous House committee meetings have been held over Benghazi, dozens of "witnesses" interviewed. Now, senior Republicans are calling for a select committee to investigate.....something....concerning the Benghazi killings.

If you haven't been out of the country, you know that Benghazi has become the new catnip brand for the Foxians. Every single day on Fox radio and on Fox teevee the Benghazi "scandal" rolls on as if happening afresh. If there has been one story in the last couple of years which has found a permanent loop cycle on Fox and Fibbers, it's Benghazi.

2) Newtown....1/2 term Governor, and former Fox contributor, Sarah Palin told NRA members last night that President Obama has been "exploiting" the tragedy of Newtown....

At the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting, Palin slammed Obama for flying the grieving parents of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Air Force One and then “making them backdrops” at rallies.

“That same media is now the reliable poodle-skirted cheerleader for the president that writes the book on exploiting tragedy,” she said, wearing a T-shirt that said “women hunt.”

A former Fox network contributor....the same Fox network which has never stopped "exploiting" the four September 2012 deaths in Benghazi at the hands of Islamic radicals...tells NRA members (and her Twitterers) that because of how Obama has handled Newtown, "the president...writes the book on exploiting tragedy."

Palin is not alone here. In fact, Republicans of the New Confederacy explain that it is because of Obama's "exploitation" of Newtown and it's victims that they refused to vote for a unanimously popular gun background check amendment in the Senate.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY).....perhaps the New Confederacy's Jefferson Davis.....had this to say....

“When I see the father and the mothers and them testifying — and I know they’re coming voluntarily, and they want to come and be part of this debate — but it still saddens me just to see them, and I think that in some cases the president has used them as props. And that disappoints me,” Paul said.

Senator Ted Cruz (Maniac-TX).... "A month ago in D.C. guns was a done deal. The president was out there every day pounding on it, taking grieving moms and dads who tragically lost their babies and treating them as political props."

The opening line of a Rupert Murdoch-owned NY Post column is typical of neo-confederate-media's take on Obama's "exploitation" of Newtown.....

Jacob Sullum’s “Abusing Dead Children” (PostOpinion, April 10) made an excellent point about how the president is using the parents of children killed in Newtown as props for his gun-control agenda.

There are, literally, hundreds of other examples.

"Mindfulness" has become a topic of interest recently in the AB Journal. Mindfulness is a clumsy word. I prefer, 'self-awareness.' A lack of self-awareness, whether just basic obliviousness of one's own contradictory stances....or complete contrivances for purely political partisan purposes.......has grown epidemically within conservatism over the last two decades.

My question today is this: how in the hell can so many conservatives and Republicans have such a lack of self-awareness when it comes to discussions of exploiting tragedies?



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