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The "Second Class War"

By The Reverend Published: July 26, 2010

WikiLeaks has released 92,000 classified reports on America's war in Afghanistan. The reports are from January 2004 through December 2009.

While I'm certain that America's right will call for an assassination team to take out the proprietors of WikiLeaks as enemies of the empire.....the web site has actually done America a favor.

The secret documents, released on the Internet by an organization called WikiLeaks, are a daily diary of an American-led force often starved for resources and attention as it struggled against an insurgency that grew larger, better coordinated and more deadly each year.

"often starved for resources and attention"

What could possibly explain that?

The archive is a vivid reminder that the Afghan conflict until recently was a second-class war, with money, troops and attention lavished on Iraq while soldiers and Marines lamented that the Afghans they were training were not being paid.

Liberals often bashed George W. Bush for taking our nation's eye off our 9-11 enemies in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and instead, fraudulently leading our country into a war of aggression in Iraq. That bashing was deserved, according to the new material released yesterday.

After Obama took the presidency in 2009, neo-cons, like Liz and Dick Cheney, were often seen on teevee badmouthing Obama, accusing him of "dithering" over Afghanistan. However, as the WikiLeaks material now clearly demonstrates, the "ditherers" were the Terror Twins.

..... the documents sketch a war hamstrung by an Afghan government, police force and army of questionable loyalty and competence, and by a Pakistani military that appears at best uncooperative and at worst to work from the shadows as an unspoken ally of the very insurgent forces the American-led coalition is trying to defeat.

What did the Commander Guy President tell Americans about Afghanistan?

September 2002: “The Taliban’s ability to brutalize the Afghan people and to harbor and support terrorists has been virtually eliminated.”

April 2002: “With the Taliban eliminated and al-Qaida badly damaged, we have moved into the second stage of our war on terror.”

September 2004: “And as a result of the United States military, Taliban no longer is in existence. And the people of Afghanistan are now free.”

December 2004: “In Afghanistan, America and our allies, with a historically small force and a brilliant strategy, defeated the Taliban in just a few short weeks."

The truth, however, was something altogether different.

The Taliban was not eliminated...not "virtually", not at all. Moving into "the second stage of our war on terror" in 2002, as we now know, meant attacking a nation which had no connection to, or relationship with, al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or 9-11.....and which posed no threat to the United States. The people of Afghanistan are not now free, nor were they free when Bush said the words.

Because Bush Afghanistan, his sought after prize being Saddam Hussein's ivory handled pistol....and Saddam's head.....the Afghanistan conflict was neglected, the hunt for Bin Laden all but forgotten, the resources needed to make a difference in Afghan-Pak relocated to fight a war of choice, a new war in Iraq that was ginned up with lies and deception.

And just like during Vietnam we find that our leaders almost always lie to the American people during "wartime".....

Over all, the (WikiLeak-ed) documents do not contradict official accounts of the war. But in some cases the documents show that the American military made misleading public statements — attributing the downing of a helicopter to conventional weapons instead of heat-seeking missiles or giving Afghans credit for missions carried out by Special Operations commandos.

As long as American voters don't really know what's going on, (and main corporate media sure as hell isn't going to tell us.....oh, look over there, it's Sister Sarah) they can be convinced to believe most anything that their government/military leaders say. America doesn't torture. When we're talking about eavesdropping, we're talking about warrants. Saddam has WMD. You get the idea.

President Obama made a choice with Afghanistan. Obama escalated the Bush-neglected quagmire. Obama took the now-retired Gen. McChyrstal's advice on Afghanistan. It was the wrong advice.

It has been said by official U.S. military commanders, allegedly in the know, that there are only 300 al-Qaeda fighters remaining in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The U.S. has 100,000+ armed forces in Afghanistan and even more private contractors. We spend $5-6 billion a month over there.

All because of 300 al-Qaeda fighters.

Makes no sense.



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