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The Stench Of Rot

By The Reverend Published: April 20, 2011

The number one reason why America is rotting from the inside out is the legalized corruption found in our political process. One of my conservative in-laws asked me again recently what I saw as the biggest problem facing America. My answer was the same as it was the year before.....the bribery system inherent in our political campaign funding system.

It's simple really. Those who give you money, especially those who give you large sums of money so that you can "win"......are the same people whom you feel obligated to after you have won. I don't care how many entirely bogus cul-de-sac free speech justifications are given for our open political bribery process.....such as those found in the ridiculous Citizens United ruling.....that process has ruined our nation.

What follows is a big part of that ruination....

Even though our nation's corporate propagandists in media repeatedly tell the lie that last November's midterm election was all about government spending, deficits and debt,.....conveniently the same war cry of the extremist Republican Tea Party,.....voters, in truth, told pollsters it was all about the need for jobs.

The jobs which our largest political bribers continue to send to other countries.

If you wonder what all that political campaign bribery money from mega-corporations goes for.....wonder no more. That bribe money goes to sooth the consciences of elected officials who pass free trade agreements and the like which have gutted the American labor market. Corporations who have continually posted record profits over the last decade have done so at the expense of American workers. Shipping American jobs to cheaper labor markets in foreign countries results in higher profit margins for "investors"....and lower wages and fewer jobs for an increasingly desperate American workforce.

We have already seen that these same corporations, by writing their own tax laws in the Halls of Bribery, pay little-to-no corporate taxes. The most egregious example being GE. They made $14 billion in profits and received a tax subsidy from the Treasury....I guess as a reward for outsourcing all those American jobs.

The system is rotted. What's's going to get worse. From Think in pie-chart form from the 2009 Strategic Outsourcing Conference are the future outsourcing plans of 70 senior executives in response to the recession.....

If that were not bad enough.....those same corporations have now successfully bribed Obama's White House to move forward on three more, you know, 'free trade agreements.' It's not good enough to betray American workers by sending millions of their jobs to "communist" China. American workers, struggling to find work in a 9% unemployment environment, must have their unemployed faces rubbed in brand new, sparkly, free trade agreements with Panama, South Korea and the bastion of liberty in Columbia.

Somehow, we're being told by equally treasonous corporate media, these new trade agreements will make American corporations more profitable so they can continue, I guess, to outsource more jobs and pay even less in U.S. taxes.

David Dayen, the excellent blogger at FireDogLake, and not one prone to hyperbole, wonders aloud....

I wonder if someone can sketch out for me a vision of America as an economic superpower with no jobs other than finance and the low-wage service sector, with a hollowed-out industrial base, and with its largest corporations replacing jobs at home with jobs overseas. It may make sense to those individual companies, but I’m straining to see how it makes sense for the mass of workers in this country.

And, of course, it doesn't make sense.....unless you are one of the few benefitting from higher stock and dividend prices.

The stench has become overwhelming. American corporations are legally permitted to openly bribe our elected officials. The same American corporations pay little to no taxes to the U.S....and often receive government subsidies instead. The bribed political officials permit corporate lawyers to write national legislation incentivizing these same corporations to outsource American jobs to foreign countries. And then.....if you can even believe it....these corporations are trying, right now, to have their hired hands in Congress pass a "tax holiday to repatriate those earnings from abroad back into the United States."

Meanwhile, Republican state goon squads here in the Homeland are stripping the remaining living wages and benefits from working class Americans....the national Republican goon squad is strategizing to kill off the elderly a bit sooner by gutting Medicare and Medicaid.....and goon "gangs of six", on the suggestion of our "socialist" president, are planning on lowering the tax rates on our richest of overlords.

The question for today is: How do we get ourselves out of this mess? Some suggest we need mandatory term limits. I prefer and end to the bribery through public financing of political campaigns. Something must be done because the stench of rot has become overwheming.

What say ye?



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