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The Straightest Of Talkers

By The Reverend Published: January 1, 2008


February 29, 2000....

Senator John McCain, in a provocative and politically risky speech, sharply criticized leaders of the religious right on Monday as "agents of intolerance" allied to his rival, Governor George W. Bush, and denounced what he said were the tactics of "division and slander."

Specifically, Mr. McCain singled out the evangelists Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell as "corrupting influences on religion and politics" and said parts of the religious right were divisive and even un-American. Link

Those were resolute words spoken oh-so-resolutely by "straight talker" John McCain back during the GOP's 2000 primary season. Whatever John McCain said,......Americans were told was "straight talk". No waffling, no flips or flops. By god, if McCain stated something or took a position or whatever......there would be no changing it. Rock solid, he was.

When asked in 2000 about his "agents of intolerance" speech and whether he would stand by his words, McCain, because, like I said, he never wavers.....virtually took an oath, stating without qualifiers that, indeed, Falwell, Robertson and their ilk were "agents of intolerance".

Back in 2000, when McCain was asked whether he stood by his description of Falwell, he said, “I must not and will not retract anything that I said in that speech at Virginia Beach. It was carefully crafted, it was carefully thought out.” (Hardball, 3/1/00) Source

The "straight talker", himself, not only spoke those "agents of intolerance" words towards Falwell and Robertson....but by god, McCain wasn't going to retract those words either. That's how resolute the "straight talker" was in 2000. Those words in his speech were no accident, McCain assured viewers and listeners. Instead, when McCain spoke those words in criticism of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson and, by implication, any other like-minded, intolerance preaching, Christian leader.....those words had been very "carefully crafted"......"carefully thought out".

No question then....right?.....John McCain, the "straight talker", absolutely considered the hate filled, divisive and intolerant words and actions of the likes of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, as "tactics of division and slander" from "agents of intolerance".

Resolute and rock solidlyly unwavering. That's the talker of straight talk for ya'.....

Or not.....

April 2nd, 2006....

RUSSERT: Do you believe that Jerry Falwell is still an agent of intolerance?

MCCAIN: No, I don’t.

There you have it. That's what the ....umm.....straight and resolute words of John McCain mean to him. The words that he speaks so seriously. The words that had been so "carefully craft(ed)" and "carefully thought out". The words McCain stood behind so much that he was actually insulted by any suggestion they would need to be retracted. How dare anyone even think the straight talker would ever retract any of his "straight" words? Can't they read the big letters on the side of McCain's bus?

There's one thing I've learned over time, though. I know we can depend on our patriotic and truth telling media members to point out these...what appear to be....inconsistencies. The media is "in the know", they have sources, and they are very, very serious. They will certainly tell American voters about McCain's less-than-straight, less-than-resolute, and maybe just a teensy bit....retracted....words......won't they? Surely, after a less than stellar "straight talking" example like this, the full-of-wisdom media will drop the "straight talk" nicknane for John McCain. I mean, right?

December 30, 2007...."McCain is here once again, crisscrossing the Granite State in his Straight Talk Express tour bus, displaying the same integrity, vision and, yes, straight talk ... At a time when some candidates present themselves to voters as something they haven't always been, we find the Arizona senator to be the genuine article. You might not always agree with his answers, but you won't leave a conversation wondering where he stands." -- Nashua Telegraph

Never mind.



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