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The Tale Of Two Protests

By The Reverend Published: October 7, 2011

Back in the early goings of 2009, corporate media loved themselves some TEA Party. The hanging teabags. The Mel Gibson Patriot rent-a-costumes. The "don't tread on me" flags. The "taxed enough already" signs.

Teevee media was all-the-hell-over the TEA Party. Sister Sarah and the odd Glenn Beck embraced the TEAs early, Fox News became the TEA Party's promoter. Even "liberal" MSNBC's Chrissy Matthews, and others, were twitterpated by the enthusiasm of this allegedly grassroots conservative movement, championed by, according to Fox's Roger Ailes, the "hot" Sarah Palin.

The Taxed Enough Already motto should have been the tip-off that the TEAs shouldn't be taken seriously. Federal tax rates were, and still are, at 60 year lows and President Obama had, early in 2009, rolled back 2% of an employee's side of the payroll tax. The TEA's Taxed Enough Already motto seemed strangely disconnected from reality. Early on, The Reverend called the TEA's message, incoherent, a denial of reality.

But the teevee media nurtured their own love affair with the TEA protest movement. Would Sarah ride the TEA wave to the presidency, many Serious, Professionals in media asked repeatedly and breathlessly. And even if taxes are at 60 year low rates....they COULD go there.

For 2 straight years, teevee media carried water for the incoherent, astroturf, TEA group. Media "stars" rarely asked what "taking their country back" meant. Few pointed out that Obama had not raised taxes, but lowered them.

The TEAs were never about taxes, or smaller government or "taking their country back." The TEA movement was all about electing more, and more extreme, Republicans into halls of power. That's what the TEAs meant when they said they were "taking their country back".....they simply forgot to include the "from the Democrats", part.

However, with all of the manufactured, ahistorical nonsense of the anti-Democratic Party TEAs, the one crucial issue that the TEAs and their corporate media sponsors never brought up was the banking crisis.
Not once did I here a TEA representative speak negatively or even excitedly about holding the banksters responsible for the terrible financial situation they had put the country in.

In fact, while the nation was shedding hundreds of thousands of jobs per month in the first half of 2009, and a record number of houses were being foreclosed upon, the TEAs helped spread yet another phony meme that the new recession had all been the fault of Barney Frank, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and, of course, Fanny and Freddy. The housing foreclosure nightmare, as far as the TEAs were concerned, came about because Democrats had forced Wall Street banksters to sell mortgages to millions of Americans who could not afford them. It was the government's fault, we were told, not those greedy banksters.

Alan Greenspan and numerous other government and former government officials from the world of finance testified under oath that the fault for the recession fell on bankers and various paper shuffling entities who had been left alone to police themselves. Greenspan said that he had been proven wrong....a belief he had held all of his life....that bankers could be trusted to act ethically and morally without oversight. Greenspan said under oath that he had been proven wrong.

No matter to the TEA Republicans. It was the Democrats fault.....liberalism, to be precise....and no facts, testimony or evidence would ever change their opinion.

Today, the TEAs are disapproved of by 46% of Americans while only approved of by 28% of Americans. It took awhile for Americans to decipher teevee media's code-of-bullsh*t about the TEAs....just as it did after the Iraq crime was launched.....but after the debt ceiling hostage situation, Americans have finally caught on, and the apparent love-affair with the incoherent, Democratic Party over.

So, the teevee media, ever the pimps of the rich and powerful....have simply refocused their attentions on another protest movement. This time it's the Occupy Wall Street protest. I'll be reviewing later the culpability of Wall Street in much of what is wrong with our national economy....but for now....take a look at this clip of teevee media personalities commenting on the OWS protesters. This three minute clip goes a long way in explaining why American voters are so often confused.

Warning: the arrogant and smug condescension exhibited by teevee personalities towards peaceful protesters on Wall Street may cause uncontrollable swearing by viewer...



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