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The Tea House's Tiny Tyrants

By The Reverend Published: June 19, 2012

The Senate passed it in a bipartisan fashion, 74-22. Yep. Mitch McConnell's GOP minority in the Senate contributed some 20 votes in favor of the much needed transportation package. The bill would "re-authorize current spending on highway construction and lock-in infrastructure spending for future projects."

Sounds reasonable. right? Take care of our nation's roads and highways, keep 1.9 million Americans working and perhaps put another one million to work over the long term. Seventy four votes in favor from the Senate. A 75% approval.....but the bill appears to be dying in the Tea Party House.

Many conservatives tell me that the Teas are all about fiscal responsibility and making government smaller. Perhaps,...but I would suggest that Grover Norquist has laid down why it is that conservatives should make government make it small enough to drown in a bathtub. Make government smaller so conservatives can eventually drown government entirely. Hey, he said it, not me.

Starving the government of revenue is one way to downsize it. No new Grover's, and the Teas, and Romney's way of preparing the government for drowning.

Actively working to damage the economy, as the Teas did during the credit limit standoff, is another way to reduce tax revenues....starve the the hopes of eventually getting government's head under the water for drowning. None of this is new. Gingrich's goons in the 90's followed a similar path, the difference being that the economy was firing on all cylinders then,

Why are the House Teas stopping the transportation bill from passing after the Senate embraced it bipartisanly 74-22? The Keystone XL pipeline. You see, the pipeline has nothing to do with the transportation re-authorization bill. So, House Teas are stopping the transportation bill from passing until the Senate goes back and puts Keystone authorization in the bill. The Senate ain't gonna' do it.

Which means that the economy will suffer from failure to re-authorize the transportation bill.....and that is just fine with the "starve the beast" Teas who have taken over the GOP House.

Transportation bill re-authorization.....=.....1.9 million workers keep working and long term, one million more jobs created.

Keystone XL pipeline......=.......6000 temporary jobs created.

See, it's a tradeoff. House Teas, the fiscally responsible genuises that they are, would deny 1.9 million people from continuing their jobs to fix our roads and bridges because 6000 temporary XL workers can't go to work yet. Sensible? You decide.

What is for certain is that cutting 1.9 million jobs will do harm to the "Obama economy", reduce revenues to the federal government, while doing damage to Obama's chances for re-election.

To Teas, that's a threefer.

The House that Tea built has until June 30th know.....or get off the Tea Pot.



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