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The Tea Party Message

By The Reverend Published: September 13, 2010

There was a 9/12 Tea Party shindig in D.C. yesterday. Maybe the following signs do not represent what the Tea Party's central message and reason-for-being actually is.....but, then again, maybe they do.

Here's the first one. Perhaps these guys in the picture are really, really worked up about deficit spending and the national debt. But, it's hard, you know, from their sign, to make that message out.

Here's the second one. Once again....I don't me, it's a little difficult to see an "Obama and the Democrats are spending too much", just-a-difference-in policy message here. Seems more personal to me.

The third one is like some multiple choice of what looks to me like personal bitterness messaging directed at one person, instead of "hey, you guys are spending too much." Maybe it's the "baby killer" choice that's throwing me off.

This one is a real brain teaser. With this one, I suppose the "save america" top part could be wildly interpreted a couple levels removed to mean,"deficit spending is out of hand"....I mean, I guess. But then, you know, the "expunge the inelligible presidency" part....that's more difficult to rationalize into "taxing and spending is what we're protesting."

The last one is just so extra special. It's almost as if GOP Tea Party Senate candidate, Sharron Angle had personally autographed this one. It's easy to see that this sign is simply all about deficit spending and reckless spending. And it's compassionate too....offering a choice and all. Translation: "if we can't stop all that deficit spending by electing enough Republicans to Congress, then we'll just have to stop it with, I'm thinking, guns.

Color me convinced. For quite awile I thought that the Tea Party groups were made up of ex-Palin campaign groupies who were angry that a black, undocumented American man with a Kenyan Muslim background had taken the U.S.A away and turned it into a socialist nation by winning our country's presidential election.

But now I can anyone can see by studying the messages in the 5 signs above....that I was mistaken.

The Tea Party is all about hatin' on that national debt and reckless spending. I don't know how I could have missed it all this time.



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