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The TeaParty-Party

By The Reverend Published: November 3, 2009

I must say something about the congessional race in New York's 23rd district. There's something twisted about what's happening in that race, expected now to be won by the outside-the-district, conservative party guy, Doug Hoffman. Steve Benen brings up some interesting points about the amount of attention that is being given to the New York contest

California's 10th and New York's 23rd are worth the same thing: a single vote in the U.S. House. Same kind of election, on the same day, with same value. One lacks a cast of wacky characters, but neither is necessarily more important than the other.

Democrat, John Garamendi, is expected to win California's 10th district House race.

I'm typing this at about 5 PM. I would wager that tonight's MSNBC election coverage will be all about the new Palin Tea Party Party comeback. That TeaParty Palin Party is being vicariously channeled through the far-right Hoffman win in a reliably Republican district in New York. Palin is Facebooking her way to fortune and fame....and you betcha' doin' what she can to help elect an extreme conservative, you know, "a real American", to the 23rd New York district.

Because Palin endorsed Hoffman, and Hoffman is going to win....enormous mountains will be made tonight out of very little molehills.....Tweety and his bunch will have Palin outpolling Obama before the night is out.

All that the Hoffman win says to me is that the Tea Partiers have taken over the Republican Party. You know....what-the-hell-ever. I can't see how Republicans gain back voters' confidence by moving further towards the extreme....but, hey, could be wrong.

One gets the sense that a Doug Hoffman victory in New York's 23rd will signal a national shift of great importance, but a Garamendi victory in California's 10th is a small blip on the radar. That doesn't make sense.

Hell no it doesn't...but one race has Palin, Dick Armey and the Freedom Works Tea Partiers....the other one doesn't.

Benen's words..."signal a national shift of great importance"....will surely be proven out by the Village media coverage tonight. The Hoffman win, as interpreted by the Villagers premier KneePadders this evening, will be sold as historic, game-changing, the end of the Democrats, and the best thing that could have ever, ever, ever, ever happened to the Republican Party. Hoffman's win will rank right up there with our divine Father Ronnie's singlehanded dismantling of the Berlin Wall, brick by brick.

I just hope that David The Fluffster Gregory and Chuck Todd will have information tonight from special anonymous sources about how Palin's new takeover of the Republican Party, apparent now in a Hoffman win, will be such a swell takeover, and how Republicans will now grow there party really, really big, and how more and more dissatisfied Americans will most likely embrace Sarah and the TeaPartiers totally incoherent message.



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