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The Tears of a Clown

By The Reverend Published: January 7, 2011

The first stunt which House Republicans have brought to the new Congress for consideration is entitled: "Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act."

No kidding. That's what we can expect for the next two years (at least) of Republican rule in the House.

One need look no further than to the name of House resolution #2 of 2011 to understand what a Republican majority in the House intends to accomplish.

Let's unpack that title a bit.

The title works from an assumption that adding up to 30 million new health care customers will kill jobs.

First......can anyone think of an industry or economic sector in which adding 30 million new customers would result in "job-killing" for that industry or sector? Think about it.

Hypothetical: Let's say the federal government mandates that all households in America be connected to broadband. Would such a mandate bring more jobs to cable and fiber installers, service personnel, and office staff. Of course it would. More customers you have, the more help you need in serving those customers.

That's the health care bill Democrats passed. Mandating, over time, that all Americans become official health care customers.

Obviously, as I pointed out in my blog yesterday, this "Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act", is part of the new ridiculous. Boehner and his Crybabies don't like the health care reform law.....they know they can't do a damn thing about it with only a majority in the House, except preen for Fox viewers and appear ridiculous.....and so, ridiculous it is.

The Teatarded House Republicans insist that adding a political slogan-title to a repeal bill which ain't goin' nowhere taking their new job in the majority seriously. What it really the same old Republican sh*t. I've seen this movie in the 90's.....and to be honest about it....the Republicans cast better actors in the 90's version than in today's. This new bunch is so embarassing, transparently idiotic and amateurish that my loss of faith in the American voting base has been renewed. Yeah, that's what I said.

The Republican base of voters, the true believers, has reduced itself to responding to political stimuli....similar to single celled life forms responding to sunlight. If there ever was a logical thought process going on within the GOP voting's long over. Now, it's all slogans and ridiculous soundbites and the echo of fact-free propaganda.

And that's the purpose of juvenile House Republican leaders naming their first major piece of

sh*t legislation..."Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care law Act."

As the CBO reminded us yesterday, not only will the new health care bill create millions of new jobs over will also cut the national debt by some $230 billion over 10 years. Apparently, while House GOP'ers are flinging around their

feces slogans...they also want to fling more debt....umm....on the huge debt pile, too.

I must say that the first two days of the new Congress do not add up to a very auspicious start for Teatarded-electees. Voting before being sworn in, slogans of mass theatrical stupidity and disinformation....and of course,...the tears of a clown.

Quite a start.



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