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The Traditional Moral Values Candidate

By The Reverend Published: August 11, 2007


You won't find it in any of the mainstream media outlets but the Village Voice has an excellent expose in "Rudy Giuliani's Five Big Lies About 9-11".

Here are the five lies as outlined in the article....

1. 'I think the thing that distinguishes me on terrorism is, I have more experience dealing with it.'

2. 'I don't think there was anyplace in the country, including the federal government, that was as well prepared for that attack as New York City was in 2001.'

3. Don't blame me for 7 WTC, Rudy says.

4. 'Democrats do not understand the full nature and scope of the terrorist war against us.'

5. 'Every effort was made by Mayor Giuliani and his staff to ensure the safety of all workers at Ground Zero.'

The Reverend found number 3 lie the most interesting because of it's "moral values" implications. Traditional moral values, of course, is what the Republican Party is all about and I'm sure that's why Rudy is leading the pack of GOP hopefuls. Giuliani is traditional moral values incarnate.

3. Don't blame me for 7 WTC, Rudy says.

The question behind the lie is why was the WTC7 building chosen to house the emergency command center? After the 1993 Tower bombing, critics have pointed out following 9-11, it doesn't look in hindsight like it was a good idea to place the command center in such close proximity to a terrroist target.

So why was the WTC7 location chosen?
According to the Village Voice article this is the reason....

The formal city document approving the site said that it "was selected due to its proximity to City Hall," a standard set by Giuliani and Giuliani alone.


Denny Young, the mayor's alter ego, who has worked at his side for nearly three decades, eventually "made it very clear" that Giuliani wanted "to be able to walk to this facility quickly."

So Rudy wanted his emergency command center to be within quick walking distance to City Hall....reasonable enough.

However, read the description of Rudy's pad at the command center in WTC7....

Giuliani's office had a humidor for cigars and mementos from City Hall, including a fire horn, police hats and fire hats, as well as monogrammed towels in his bathroom. His suite was bulletproofed and he visited it often, even on weekends, bringing his girlfriend Judi Nathan there long before the relationship surfaced. He had his own elevator. Great concern was expressed in writing that the platform in the press room had to be high enough to make sure his head was above the cameras. It's inconceivable that the hands-on mayor's fantasy command center was shaped...or anyone other than him.

Why create the potential danger, that proved to be real, of placing the command and control center in case of emergency in a building adjacent to the already targeted Twin Towers?? So Rudy could shack up with his girlfriend long before he was divorced and do that shacking up in a comfortable love nest "within walking distance" of his job office at City Hall.

And there it is. Those Republican Party traditional moral values. The values that explain why Rudy is the leading contender for his party's presidential nomination.

I mean, Republicans have their priorities straight. They are not like those hellions in the Democratic Party who have no morals at all.

If you are a Republican proud that your frontrunner puts his moral values on his shirtsleeve for all to see and appreciate. Rudy Giuliani placed the New York first responders in harm's way, against the recommendations of others, so he could bang his girlfriend, hit the elevator, and walk quickly to his office.

There's those traditional values The Reverend has heard so much about....and now I understand why those values are touted so often by Republican leaders....there have to be priorities, ya' know.

The entire article is well worth the read.



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