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The Ugly American Party

By The Reverend Published: September 14, 2011

This year, 22 state legislatures, all controlled by conservatives, have introduced some form of voter ID law in their states. There is no evidence in any of these states that voter fraud is a problem. But like the far right's insistence that Sharia law is a threat to the states, there doesn't have to be any reality-based evidence that a problem exists for today's version of conservatives to act to "fix" the problem.

Now, I suppose I don't blame Republicans for doing everything they can to cheat when it comes to voting. The Republican Party, with their increasingly narrow view of what makes America, the GOP's doubling down for the sake of the (mostly white) rich and quickly becoming a fringe political party which has nothing to offer average working class Americans.

Couple that reality with the recent unabashed ugliness expressed in a couple of GOP presidential candidates debates....and it's not hard to calculate why Republicans feel like they must game the system, or order to win future elections.

September 7 GOP debate....

Brian Williams asked Governor Rick Perry about the death penalty in his state of Texas. Williams note Perry that his state “has executed 234 death row inmates, more than any other governor in modern times,” which drew sudden applause from the audience

September 13 GOP/CNN/Tea Party Express candidates debate...

...after moderator Wolf Blitzer wondered whether the state should let a sick man with no insurance die, several audience members shouted, "yeah!"

First 2 minutes...

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Conservatives can try to rationalize this ugliness, this apparent hate, which even took Governor Rick Perry by surprise,....but deep down, Republican leaders know that these two recent examples of ugliness is the stuff which turns off average American voters. Yet, the Tea Party-injected GOP can't seem to help themselves. From Obama hate, to Muslim hate, to hate of women who want to decide their own reproductive lives, hate for government programs which aid our poor, hate for union workers, teachers, police, down to hate for people who don't have health insurance.....the one descriptor which Americans are seeing more and more from hatefulness.

Given this reality, which even dirty-deed Republicans like Karl Rove and The Dick have criticized, it appears that the GOP is on the cusp of launching yet another salvo to game the nation's electoral system. If this new GOP initiative catches on in other Republican controlled states....the U.S. could possibly, eventually, descend into a civil war-like scenario.

(Pennsylvania) Gov. Tom Corbett and state Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi are proposing that the state divide up its Electoral College votes according to which candidates carried each Congressional district, plus two votes for the statewide winner.

No, this is not illegal in any way. Two states, Maine and Nebraska, already do something similar. Progressives, especially after the awarding of the presidency in 2000 to the guy who came in second, have no emotional attachment to the Electoral College-method of choosing our nation's president. But imagine what would happen if 20 states, or more, pushed through state laws to do as Pennsylvania's Governor is proposing.

Am I simply overreacting....or wouldn't American citizens take to the streets if, say, another Republican presidential candidate lost the popular vote and was still awarded the White House because of GOP state legislatures and governors changing the rules to game the Electoral College?

Sounds crazy, doesn't it? However, is there much doubt that what we've been seeing from the Tea Party controlled GOP.....has been, you know, kind of crazy?

In my opinion, the future of the Republican Party in America has never really been so dim. Demographic groups which the GOP either ignores or bashes publicly will certainly not be drawn to the Party....and those demographics, younger voters, women, minorities...will make up a larger and larger share of our electorate moving forward. That means that it will be more and more difficult for GOP candidates to compete on a national level.

And thus....Governor Corbett's new dirty trick to game presidential elections. Rather than completely reform their out-of-date, out-of-ideas, political looks like the GOP is deciding to go all in to steal the presidency, if nothing else will work.

Hopefully, Corbett's idea to game the Electoral College system for the sake of Republicans will not be well received by other red-states...but I kind of doubt that. Remember the number of GOP-controlled states which all tried to dismantle collective bargaining rights for union workers, simultaneously? And then there are the 22 GOP state voter ID initiatives.

As I've said numerous times on this blog, today's Republican Party has no resemblance to the GOP of my youth. Today's GOP has become a wretchedly-hateful political party which will do ANYTHING to preserve power. Anything.

Even steal a presidential election.



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