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The Upcoming Obama Presidency

By The Reverend Published: October 13, 2008

It's over.

The "Race" has been won by Barack Obama and Joe Biden and the only mystery left is the final margin of victory.

No resurrection of Rev. smear by association with Rezko or repetition of Barack's middle name....none of it....will make any difference.

It's over.

For those who doubt....simply click see where American voters are.

Now, allow me to riff awhile on what I see coming after Obama's historic win.

First....Obama's potential landslide win may bring with it a filibuster proof, Democratic controlled Senate. Even the brand name, Elizabeth Dole, (R-N.C.), is in trouble.

Filibuster-proof, or not, without doubt Democrats will shape and pass new legislation along the lines that Obama has been suggesting over the last two years. America will move to the left after having spent so much time in the ditch on the far right hand side of the road.

Taxes will be raised on those making over a quarter million per year. Capital gains tax rates for those who, at best, only shuffle paper, will return to Clinton era rates. You might remember the Clinton era....20 million new jobs, robust economy, working class actually advanced a bit.

Our military will slowly be removed from America's Occupied Territories in Iraq, we'll see a genuine attempt to wipe out Bin Laden and al-Qaeda, and a President Obama will bring respect, dignity and an adult approach back to America's dealings with foreign countries and their leaders.

America can begin again, as it were.

Second.....(and here my conservative readers will cringe).....after having paid very close attention to what took place between the years of 1992-2000, I think it's safe for me to predict.....if you liked the savaging-Clinton days, you're gonna' just love the savaging-Obama days starting after January 20, 2009.

And that's where the current "rescue" plan comes into play. The obstructionistic storm clouds are already forming.

We've been told that the economic sky was about to fall. There was no time to waste, none. Yet, a month after the sky was officially announced to be falling....Paulson and Co. haven't done much, if anything, even after Congress voted to set aside $700 billion for, I guess, sky propping equipment. The imminent threat of a falling economic sky, much like the imminent threat of a Saddam powered "mushroom cloud", is/was primarily a political stunt. A stunt that McCain and conservatives could attempt to play off of in various ways....but a stunt that could accomplish one big goal for a failed Republican Party. Handcuff a President Obama and a Democratic Congress.

The braying can already be heard. Our own King here at has already begun the chorus by suggesting that the economic situation is so severe....Obama must set aside all new spending programs. Tom Brokaw, a self-absorbed, arrogant, boomer asshole of mass proportions, made a big deal in the last debate about, "What do you plan on giving up of your new programs.....because of this huge "rescue?" That Village question was only topped by the assholian Brokaw's completely phony question about the Social Security sky falling soon.

I don't believe our discredited main media, the most corrupt column of the Four Columns, will even wait for Obama to be inaugurated. No honeymoon at all. No waiting for Obama's first 100 days to be over before declaring war on his administration. It will be all out war the day after the election.

A media so corrupt, so perverse, that they couldn't even use the word lie or liar in any article they had written or on any teevee appearance for 8 straight years of an openly fraudulent and lying Bush administration.....will....magically.....snap out of the spell they've been under....and begin microscopically examining every word that Obama speaks. A main media so covered-up in their own mistaken, propagandistic, slime encrusted wrongheadedness for 8 straight years, a media who never really ever considered impeachment as worthy of discussion for the worst president America has ever known....will be balls-to-the-wall aggressive in not only savaging a President Obama but encouraging an obstructionistic-minded Republican minority to gum up the federal works with impeachment talk and accusations.

One final prediction of warning. When Bill Clinton won the presidency, Republicans (at least from 1994 onward), had control of Congress. From 2006-2008, though Democrats "controlled" Congress on paper, nothing could be passed because Republicans could filibuster and stonewall and W. could veto. That explains why Democrats couldn't pass a bill to get us out of Iraq. With the upcoming Obama presidency....Democrats will have near total control. This, in itself, will anger and frustrate the extreme right so badly that (I can't help but say this) actions of violence will follow. I believe that is what we witnessed last week at McCain-Palin gatherings. The first-fruits realization by the extremist nuts on the right that they've lost the game and lost it badly, is beginning to sink in.

The extremist right, believing they were so close to overturning Roe and bringing Jesus back into the public arena, will see this upcoming humiliating loss by conservatives in the election as a sign that God has finally turned his back on America. To the far right, that means that America deserves whatever bad stuff happens to it.

Happy to be wrong about the violence.

Also appropriate for my post here...

Update: John Amato over at Crooks and Liars said this yesterday....

"So because Obama knew Bill Ayers it completely justifies the psychotic reactions of McCain supporters. I'll keep saying this. Our country has been polluted by the Limabaugh, Savage, Hannity hate machine for years now and it's rearing its ugly head publicly for all to see. I'm telling you, violence it not far behind "my friends." Matalin wouldn't go as far as Sean when he stated that he didn't trust Obama." Link



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