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The Value Of Hate

By The Reverend Published: October 13, 2013

The same folks responsible for closing government and threatening to destroy the world economy by defaulting on the U.S. debt gathered this weekend for a....wait for it.....Values Voters Summit. Unsurprisingly, when the straw poll for a 2016 Values Voters presidential candidate was taken....Senator Ted Cruz, the man most responsible for leading the Tea Party attack on the U.S. federal government, won overwhelmingly.

After observing many years of the Values Voters shindigs, and because of my Reverend background, I think this observation comes closest to my take.....

The attendees are overwhelmingly Christians. They live in a country where not only can one worship freely as a Christian, but a country that caters to Christians. They have the absolute right not to 'gay marry' and not to have an abortion or use contraception, and to carry a gun and yet they feel that their rights and their faith are under attack. The lack of self awareness is mind boggling.

However, the most galling thing, the really horrible part of the Values Voter Summit is the complete and utter lack of interest in the poor, the immigrants, and those on the margins -- you know, those people Jesus loved.

You see,The Reverend, though since 1985 a devout atheist, knows a bit about the Christian Bible and the Christian Jesus. With that background, I can tell you without even a thread of doubt that should Jesus have been a featured speaker at the Values Voters Summit this past weekend, he would have been booed off the stage, perhaps worse.

"....the complete and utter lack of interest in the poor, the immigrants, and those on the margins -- you know, those people Jesus loved." The irony is entirely lost on Values Voters.

"Blessed are the poor" has been reworked by Values Voters to read..."Cursed are the poor, for they are dependent, parasite takers." Comfortable white evangelical Values Voters have become so blinded by the brightness of their own self-righteousness that they, literally, can no longer see the evil they defend.

Of all the WTF components of the GOP Tea Party ideology and influence, the most galling, and unforgivable, is the Values Voters shameless, fully-out-of-the-closet hatred and contempt for the weak, the poor, the elderly and the vulnerable in America.

The Summit was packed with alleged followers of Jesus of Nazareth.....the bulk of whom enthusiastically support denying millions of Americans affordable access to health care. These proud boasters of superior Values are the same folks pushing the hardest to reduce food stamps, aid to dependent children, health services, unemployment insurance and minimum wages.

When was it that Values Voters Christians decided that attacking and punishing the less fortunate and the poor was a Value to embrace, cherish and hold dear?

Dr. Ben Carson was a featured speaker at the Summit. Carson is a Fox and AM radio darling.....and all because he was willing to insult and politically attack an in attendance President Obama at....wait for it again.....a Prayer Breakfast. Values Voters really Value obnoxious, rude, insult-throwers.....if those insults are thrown in the direction of others advocating for the poor and vulnerable. Yes, it IS kind of weird...but it is is.

The Good Values Doctor told his fellow Values Brethren at the Summit....

“Obamacare is the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery because it is making us subservient to the government.”

Carson is a brain surgeon....and I highly doubt that even he could make heads or tails out of his...well....stupid analogy. Yet, Carson is admired and worshiped on the evangelical right as a messenger of Eternal Values.

Passing a democratically-produced piece of legislation enabling up to 30 million Americans to be covered by some form of health insurance is the worst thing that's happened in this country since we legally enslaved black-skinned human beings, owned them as property, and bought and sold them as if they were livestock.

Jesus. Christ.

Let me be as clear as I can be.....according to the Gospel accounts, the folks who gathered to celebrate their mutual Values over the weekend exhibited the same mindset, determination and bitterness that the enemies of the Nazarene exhibited around 30 AD. 1st century Values religionists were, also, oh-so-sanctimoniously-proud of their superior morality and, like their 21st century counterparts in the U.S., also bashed, exploited, and punished the lessers in their midst, and often, by the way, for profit.

Then, finally exasperated by the clarity of the Nazarene's condemnation of the very morality they practiced.....and desperately afraid that the commoners would start to become dependent on only loving their brother as themselves....those 1st century Values Voters took a straw vote and decided to turn the Truthteller over to the Romans to be executed.

21st century American Values Voters metaphorically re-executed the Nazarene over the weekend by trashing, repeatedly, and to thunderous applause, the very people Jesus "loved."



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