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The Village Afterglow

By The Reverend Published: November 6, 2013

The Reverend, yesterday....

"Tonight and tomorrow look for the Village to hold a nauseating pep rally over Christie's re-election."

This morning's NY Times....

The governor prevailed despite holding positions contrary to those of many New Jersey voters on several key issues, including same-sex marriage, abortion rights and the minimum wage, and despite an economic recovery that has trailed the rest of the country.

As I mentioned yesterday, Chris Christie has a very poor record as New Jersey's governor. The Times piece mentions that fact while (as I also claimed yesterday) attributing Christie's win to his Bully Boy schtick....

He attracted a broad coalition by campaigning as a straight-talking, even swaggering, leader who could reach across the aisle to solve problems.

Here's a prime example of what I meant by "nauseating pep rally".......

Mr. Christie’s strategy of bipartisanship and outreach deliberately echoed that of another Republican governor who seized the White House after eight years of Democratic control: George W. Bush. (The god!)

But what's this....over at Newsmax, a Tea-thinkers site....the writing is not so gushing....

Key positions Christie has taken in New Jersey — backing Al Gore's view that global warming is "for real" and caused by humans; his public slamming of the National Rifle Association and conservatives such as GOP Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky; his acquiescence to gay marriage — all will come back to haunt him in what likely will be a fierce Republican primary fight ahead.

Of course, neither article makes mention of this tidbit...

Though he won a smashing victory in Tuesday night's gubernatorial election, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) would fall to Democrat Hillary Clinton if the 2016 presidential race were held today, according to exit polling.

CNN exit polls give the former secretary of State 50 percent support to Christie's 43 percent in his home state.

Anyone who thinks that New Jersey voters will side with the Republican Christie over Hillary Clinton in 3 more years is deluding themselves.

Why is this important? Why spend time on a presidential race that is three years out?

If you have been paying attention for a number of years, you realize that the Republican Party has successfully gamed our congressional system while being in the minority. The proof is found in the fact that the number of pieces of legislation passed in the last and current Congress' are at the lowest levels since the nation ratified the Constitution. Full stop...literally.

Republicans increasingly have difficulty winning both Houses of Congress, but because of gerrymandering, obstructionism, and vote and voter suppression efforts by state Republicans, as we've seen, a minority party can still stop the will of the people from being carried out. That dynamic in the age of Tea will not change anytime soon.

So that only leaves the presidency to fight over in front of the children, so to speak. Yes, moving forward, congressional races will continue to be important, but until new districts are redrawn following the 2020 Census, not much will change, in my opinion.

The Village has refused to tell the most important political story of the decade......that today's GOP has...well....lost it's mind. Republicans have become more of an enemy of the people than advocates for the people as bipartisan reporters Norm Ornstein and Thomas Mann have been pointing out for a few years....and being shunned by Villagers because of it. That Village dynamic will not change anytime soon either.

That is another reason why the Village's afterglow circle jerk over Christie's re-election is so well as predictably silly.

But then, simply recall the 'GOP daily frontrunner' comedy in early 2012 which gave Villagers something to get excited about.....Herman Cain and Donald Trump each took their turn as flavors of the week. The Village excitement was palpable. That was our Serious media at work. The excitement was stupid, of course, but that's our Professional media for you.

Now, again....Village excitement rises with the re-election of Governor Chris Christie. There's hope in the lazy Village now for a three year long wankathon over Hillary versus Christie. Let me burst that cheap-thrill nonsense straightaway.

Christie is not a cultural conservative. He is not anti-science. He believes governance includes compromising. One half of the GOP electorate are culturally conservative, anti-science and detest compromise with Democrats. The Village will try their best to square those circles.....but it can't be done.

Despite his re-election, Christie RIGHT NOW would lose to Hillary Clinton in his own home state by 7 points in a head to head match up. Further, the one demographic that is not so excited about Christie is....women. Bullying and swagger appeal to males who enjoy such attributes. Women? Not so much.

Yes, Villagers will barely be able to contain their glee today.....thinking that, finally, the failed GOP has found a new leader to compete with the likes of Hillary Clinton. Pile on with a multitude of references to Benghazi-Gate....and the Village will have the narrative their lazy-selves have been hoping for ever since November, 2008.

Lucky us, huh?



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