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The Village Asks Questions

By The Reverend Published: July 23, 2009


Last night's Obama-press-conference-on health-care-reform questions...

"Have you told House and Senate leaders which health care ideas are acceptable to you? If so, will you share them publicly? And if not, why haven't you stepped in to get a deal done because you are the one pushing a deadline?"

The question is assuming that Obama is not doing his part in the health care debate. The questioner seems to be asking Obama why he hasn't just written the bill and handed it to Congress. Of course, if he did that then the questioner would have been asking why Obama is doing the job of Congress.

It's a whiny question. "You are the one pushing for a deadline....why don't you tell Congress about your acceptable ideas....why won't you step in to get a deal're the one pushing this thing."

The questioner starts with the pre-conception that Obama hasn't been sharing his ideas with Congress on health care reform. A ridiculous pre-conception.

"You've been pushing Congress to pass health care reform by August. Why the rush? Are you worried that if you don't, there's a delay until the fall and that it will collapse?"

The night's premier Villager question. Why hurry? The disconnect of the Village with the American people was dramatically witnessed in that incredible question. 14,000 Americans a day are losing their health coverage. What's the rush? For Christ's sake.

"The politics of it -- you mentioned two Republicans in your opening statement, but you have 60 Democratic seats [in the Senate], a healthy majority in the House. If you don't get this, isn't this a fight inside the Democratic Party? and Republicans aren't really playing a -- you can't really blame the Republicans for this one?"

NBC's Big Head Chuck Todd's question. You gotta' love the Chuckster. Paraphrasing: 'Even though you're not blaming Republicans yet, I know you will if reform fails. And if it fails (Todd wrings his hands) isn't it all you dumb Democrats' fault?'

Bill Kristol of the Washington Post and Fox, calls for all conservatives and Republicans to "Just kill it", referring to Obama's health care reform. Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) said, "If we're to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo. It will break him."

Big Head Todd insists the Republicans "aren't really playing" anyway. As if the Republicans are quietly sitting on their hands just waiting for the outcome. Todd then concludes, "if you fail, don't blame in on obstructionistic Republicans who are doing everything to "kill" your reform plan, they're not even involved."

Village-speak at it's finest.

The Jake....

ABC's Jake Tapper asked a leading question, first stating that health care reform will require sacrifices in "tests, referrals, choice, end of life care," then asking whether Obama accepted that Americans will have to give something up to get better health care.

The starting point of these Villagers is this: if the rich are going to have to give up Buffy's new Mercedes because of new taxes on the rich to help pay for the scum's health care......then aren't you going to make the scum bleed a little too? To be fair, Tapper does good work sometimes....but that arrogant and condescending question directed at the non-rich wasn't part of that good work.

Obama bitch-slapped the Jakester, telling him "no." No reduction of Medicare benefits, no additional costs for the middle class. Health reform will be revenue neutral....and if not, the richest are not going to be able to deduct all of their Cadillac health care program costs from their taxes, to make up the differences.

What stood out in last night's questioning was the tone of the Village. The Village media's representatives continue to believe they are smarter, swifter than Obama and they're gonna' get him with one of their 'gotcha' questions. After all, they're part of the Village....without them, there is nothing.

In reality....Obama uses these silly and shallow Villagers as props to correct all the misinformation and propaganda they spew forth in between press conferences. Every 30 days or so, after a heavy accumulation of total bullsh*t by the Village media.....Obama invites the Village props in so he can shovel all the bullsh*t buildup out the door and set the record straight....while they sit back and watch.

This rinse, lather, repeat dynamic will continue for 8 years.


I went easy on the Villagers in my post. Right after Jake Tapper came Chip Reid's conservative framing, that is; Village framing, of the health care reform issue. It is the Village's job to set forward the Very Serious Conservative Republicans opposition, word for word, off the GOP talking points. Their job is stenography....they do it well.

In all it's glory....



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