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The Village of the Damned

By The Reverend Published: April 25, 2009

Right on time, just like clockwork, comes David "Centrist" Broder, praising Obama and Rahm Emmanuel for stating that there should be no prosecutions of those who carried out the torturing of detainees....and then going on to demonstrate why he is the Dean of the Village of the Damned....

"But now Obama is being lobbied by politicians and voters who want something more -- the humiliation and/or punishment of those responsible for the policies of the past. They are looking for individual scalps -- or, at least, careers and reputations."

I could have chosen a different Village of the Damned pundit or columnist other than Broder, because all the Villagers are saying exactly the same thing when it comes to torture. The same "Dean" who just couldn't get enough Bill Clinton impeachment,.....a Village spectacle amounting to fibbing about consensual oral sex in a civil suit, later thrown calls any attempts to hold a Republican administration accountable for it's obviously illegal torture regime, "humiliation, or punishment...for policies of the past."

Impeaching a popular president for lying about a personal matter was, to Broder and his ilk, a threat to the very foundation of America's rule of law. Impeaching Bill Clinton, to Broder and his ilk, wasn't about damaging "careers and reputations", it was all about the rule of law and how it had to be honored, no matter what.

In 1998, Broder suggested President Clinton should resign, apparently because he "he may well have lied to a federal grand jury." Read that again: Broder wasn't even sure if he thought Clinton lied to a federal grand jury, but thought he should resign. Because maybe he lied. About an affair. Link

Now that the torture regime of a Republican administration has been revealed for what it truly was, an illegal conspiracy to violate national and international laws prohibiting savagery...any attempt to honor the rule of law is simply dismissed as a partisan witchhunt over differences of opinion concerning "policies of the past."

The scum layer covering the Village couldn't be any thicker or disgusting.....

"Their argument is that without identifying and punishing the perpetrators, there can be no accountability -- and therefore no deterrent lesson for future administrations. It is a plausible-sounding rationale, but it cloaks an unworthy desire for vengeance."

A very concise way of describing lawlessness. It's a "plausible-sounding rationale", at first, says Broder, to encouage honoring law and order and the pursuit of justice over the now-outed crimes of a Republican administration.....but don't be fooled, the Dean goes on, any cry for respecting law and order and the American form of justice is simply an "unworthy desire for vengeance."

Don't forget......according to Broder, the Clinton impeachment was not a witchhunt based on political differences, or driven by an "unworthy desire for vengeance" on the part of Clinton's opponents....heavens no. The future of America's system of law and order was dangerously hanging in the balances back then.

But calling for accountability for a Republican administration who blatantly, and with pre-meditation, shredded treaties, long standing American law, and the Constitution.....that's an "unworthy desire for vengeance."

Better to just keep walking, like Peggy Noonan so patriotically put it...

"Some things in life need to be mysterious," said Noonan, adding, "Sometimes you need to just keep walking."
She also added:

"It's hard for me to look at a great nation issuing these documents and sending them out to the world and thinking, oh, much good will come of that."

White House blowjobs? Now, that's not mysterious, and shouldn't be. Rather than "keep walking", Noonan and Broder "kept gawking", when it came to consensual sex.

Bill Clinton's ejaculate on a blue that was a national security threat worthy of a thorough, months long, rule of law clinic.....and a great deterrent for any future nation-threatening, blow-job seeking Democratic presidencies. What it wasn't....was an attempt to "humiliate"..or "punish", or satisfy any "desire for vengeance."

Legally pursuing ANY Republican administration-created evidence of crimes against humanity or violations of the Constitution of the United States.....that's just for vengeance seekers with chips on their shoulders over policy differences. Any suggestion that America should follow now-overwhelming evidence pointing to Bush administration lawlessness and a suggestion from Bush-haters "looking for individual scalps".

Finally, no law and order for Broder, no accountability for a Republican administration who wrote secret laws for the implemention of a torture regime. Why not? Because it's the American people's fault. Just look at how Broder justifies Obama's release of the torture memos while calling any accountability efforts vengeful scalp hunting.....

"Again, he was right to do so, because these policies were carried out in the name of the American people, and it is only just that we the people confront what we did. Squeamishness is not justified in this case."

We did it. The American people, not the Republican Bush administration, came up with the torture policies and implemented them. Now, the Dean of the Village says, we, the American people, must "confront what we did." That's "just."

When Ken Starr protected our national security by revealing extensive details about thongs, cigars, blue dress stains, and oral sex wasn't we, the people....who needed to "confront what we did" was Bill Clinton. Republican ass-kissers, like Broder....said so at the time.

But illegal Chinese Communist torture tactics secretly "legalized" and secretly ordered by Republican President George W. Bush to be carried out for the purpose of gathering knowingly phony intel, later to be used to fraudulently lead America into a war of neo-con choice which killed 4200 U.S soldiers....that's our fault and we must "confront what we did."



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