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The Way Forward, Part 2

By The Reverend Published: April 7, 2008


Read Part 1 of The Way Forward.

In Part 1, I predicted that Barack Obama will take the Democratic nomination and then engage John McCain in the general election campaign. I also stated that the general campaign would get extremely ugly because of Republican 527 groups triangulating with Knee Pad Medialand in an attempt to smear and discredit the Democratic candidate, while at the same time Medialand will continue their 24 hour praise and worship services of the Republican candidate, John McCain.

Part 2...
How the Clintons did it.

Everything strategically planned by the Clinton's involves the media. Both Hillary and Bill are extremely savvy when it comes to media. Here's one example of how it works....

The Jesse Jackson reference by Bill Clinton around the time of the South Carolina primary:

"Jesse Jackson won South Carolina in '84 and '88. Jackson ran a good campaign. And Obama ran a good campaign here."

Bill Clinton knew that he couldn't get away with spelling out what he really wanted to say but he also knew that's why the media fill in any implied information that Bill couldn't, or wouldn't, say explicitly. By stating that Jesse Jackson had also won South Carolina in previous presidential primaries, Bill made what the media whores deem "news". Simply because Bill Clinton said something, it automatically became newsworthy. Bill knew all this and that's why he dropped the Jesse Jackson line. There was no credible reason for doing a comparison to Jackson, or even bringing Jackson up at all.

The media whores simply had to report the "news" of the day and using THAT as their excuse, they proceeded to fill in the blanks of Bill Clinton's implication. The whoredom of media took weeks to plumb the depths of the implications, asking every breathing talking head what they made of this "news". This dynamic is important to understand. Bill Clinton makes "news", when what he is really doing is triangulating with the media to do explicitly what he, himself, could only imply. The heart of the Jesse Jackson comment was for the purpose of smearing Barack Obama with something like this(paraphrasing)....

"He's just another black candidate like Jesse Jackson, and just look at what happened to Jackson, the same will happen with Obama. He's just another black candidate, more uppity perhaps, but like Jackson before him, his candidacy, even with winning South Carolina, will fail. And what would you expect from all those black voters in South Carolina? Obama's candidacy is all about race, like Jackson's before him, and that's why black voters vote for these black candidates in the first place. The same fate of Jesse Jackson, whose candidacy was all about racial division lines, will befall Barack Obama as well. So if Obama wins South Carolina, the only reason will be because of race, but Obama's race based candidacy will ultimately fail, just like Jesse Jackson's"

That's exactly what the media servicers said over and over, from every conceivable angle following South Carolina. That's when all the black/white polling prejudices started seeping out like sludge from a rusty barrel. It's still seeping out today. Polling along racial lines and then analyzing those polls has become cable news' only reason for being after the March 4th primaries. The point is....Bill Clinton didn't need to say too much, he only had to point the media sluts in the right direction.

It will be the same with John McCain.

John McCain, just like Bill Clinton, will only need to drop hints to media LapdogLanders. They'll gladly do the rest for him. The McCain campaign will rely heavily on what he himself calls "straight talk". There's nothing McCain can say or do now that would change the narrative of his base, the media. Main media will spend the summer and early fall spinning out tsunamis of "maverick" and "straight talk" fiction, virtually ignoring the GOP candidate's many changes on positions over the years. Though irrelevant, the POW and Vietnam pictures of McCain will be shown hundreds of thousands of times until I wouldn't be surprised if a Shrine to McCain is set up somewhere from which a 24/7 Knee Padder will "report" all "breaking news". Perhaps Dana Bash and John King from CNN could camp out at said Shrine, telling viewers how the nation has just been oh-so-caught up in the new Shrine to American Militarism, all because of the great and unprecedented heroism of the patriotic straight talker.

Knee Pad Media will literally be conducting ongoing services for the national worship of John McCain. It is the Way of the Pad. Ronald Reagan, the goofy actor, became, with the worshipful imagination of adoring media servicers and professional yarn tellers, more than simply a mortal man,....when all he ever was....was a goofy actor.

All John McCain will have to say is something like...."the president of United States of America should be a patriotic leader"......that's it, that's all he need say. The Knee Pad Machine will take it from there. A conservative 527 swiftboat-like group will have a viral video up within hours splicing Wright comments, Mrs. Obama comments and pictures of (gasp) Obama's patriot pin-less lapel along with clips of Bin Laden, Ahmadinajab, and Lucifer. Drudge will post the IED. All news services will cluster bomb it out there on a loop, cable news producers will feature it and thousands of hours of media time will examine the new "news" found deep within it.

In America, we call all this.... general election campaign coverage.

No matter how many of these hit pieces emerge, each and every one will be treated by the Knee Pad Media as breaking "news" that they simply must report on. They'll just hate to have to do it, but it's, you know, their job.

Conservative hit-men, like Karl Rove, now working for main media, will say things and write things leading up to the election. Because he will, the Knee Padders will have to "report" and analyze what he said. David Gregory has already started this practice. Rove is smart, like Bill Clinton. Rove knows all he has to do is suggest something, imply it, about Obama, ....and the Padders will repeat it endlessly and inspect microscopically each and every word Rove utters. That's why Rove stepped down early and got himself into position.

Republican brand names won't have to dirty their hands much. GOP Senators and Congressmen, along with Bush adminstration spokespeople, will only have to speak certain code words or phrases, thus quarantining themselves from any accountability. And it goes without saying that each and every GOP'er will be shocked, I tell you, shocked AND dismayed, that anyone would take their words and distort them in any demeaning manner against Obama.

I can imagine questions like this of John McCain and other GOP'ers, "Do you believe Senator Obama is a raging Muslim pedophile like some have accused him?" The response will be, "Senator Obama is not a raging far as I know."

That's how things will play out. The Villagers will work closely and dutifully with conservative political power brokers in a group attempt to maintain the corrupt establishment. It won't be a pretty sight.

Even though I believe we'll witness all that I have just final prediction isn't going to work. Just as it hasn't worked for Hillary's campaign, it won't work for McCain and the conservatives, either. The 527 groups will do their dirty deeds, the media servicers will have to repeat the dirty deeds over and over because it's their job, and it will all be disgusting and humiliating, and everyone will wring their hands over all the displays of hatred and intolerance .....but it will all fail.

Barack Obama will not only become president but his coattails will usher in a new progressive era in America.



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