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By The Reverend Published: October 2, 2007


Think Progress tells us about the GOP presidential candidate, Duncan Hunter, and the new galactically important bill he'll introduce in the House in response to Columbia University's sit-down with Iran's president Ahmadinajab.

Steve Benen over at Talking Points Memo
says this about it....

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) announced on Fox News that he would "move in Congress to cut off every single type of federal funding to Columbia University."

Now, Hunter clearly has an incentive to appear unhinged. He's a faltering presidential candidate, and the GOP base is easily riled up by absurd stunts like these. Indeed, it's a two-fer's posturing on Iran and it's blasting an Ivy League university filled with "intellectual elites." know how we like to kick around the phrase, "the dumbing down of America"? Duncan Hunter, apparently, represents the "dumbed down" constituency.

And as if that weren't ridiculous enough....the name of Hunter's bill is.....from the thick "you can't make this sh*t up" file....."Restore Patriotism to University Campuses Act."

Hunter wants to restore "patriotism" to universities by punishing the very essence of what universities do.....provide a venue for the free flow of ideas from which young students can learn.

Sounds just a bit like the "Protect America Act of 2007", which, in case you don't know, gave the president the right to crumble up the fourth amendment to the Constitution and snort it while the president's Attorney General and Director of National Intelligence provide oversight.....guarding the bathroom door, as it were.

Duncan Hunter's Orwellian bill title is the stuff from which Jon Stewart has made a career ridiculing.....and rightfully so.

*Special Bonus Notation: Sadly, it looks like the anti-American neo-conservative movement will be with us for the forseeable future. The folks who belong to this movement are the same folks who demand that English be officially declared the national language. You know, those damn Hispanics and all. But what of the wingnut neo-cons themselves and their foreign language use. What foreign language use? "Neo-con speak". The Reverend also calls it "wingnut speak". The language of the "neos" takes words and gives them an opposite meaning.

"Restoring patriotism" means destroying patriotic rights. "Peace" through strength means warmongering. "Protect America" means destroy Constitutional rights. "Freedom is on the march" means killing people in other countries to gain security over that country's assets. The "Patriot Act" is antithetical to everything the early and genuine patriots stood for. "Operation Iraqi Freedom" really meant turning Iraq into a hellhole quagmire.

And I never even scratched the wingnut language surface by giving those examples.

You know how in the U.N. there are all those translators and stuff.....something the Tower of Babel builders could have used back in the day....well, now it looks like America will need two translators for every one they now have. One to translate regular, you know, English, and another to translate "neo-con speak" English.

If you want to prepare yourself for an "in demand" career.....think about studying the "neo-con speak" language. It's tricky to learn, you know, with the totally dsylexic use of words and all, but hey, seems like every Republican is resorting to it these days.

Many interpreters will be needed in the future.



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