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The Word We Do Not Speak Of

By The Reverend Published: October 24, 2007


Remember how those in responsible government or Knee Padding positions were never allowed to use the words...."civil war", when referring to the violence inside the American occupied territory of Iraq?

The question from obliging Knee Pad servicepeople in the "journalism" profession was always something timid like, "Dear Leader, would you, our Glorious Warrior Leader, say that the Glorious War of Wars Ever Warred, has now become, and forgive me here for asking Dear Leader, a......civil war?"

A hush would always follow those words....and a couple of gasps....all very understandable and expected because when Leader Guy says something is not something...then by isn't.

Well....there's now a new word that Knee Padders won't be able to say or ask questions about without those same gasps. See if you can find it in the following snippet.....

The United States has entered a recession, according to highly-regarded investor Jim Rogers, who told Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper on Wednesday he was switching out of the dollar and into yen, the yuan and the Swiss franc.

The veteran investor, who predicted the 1999 commodities rally, also said he was still bullish about surging Chinese stock markets despite worries over a bubble.

Fears are growing over the health of the U.S. economy after the fallout from the subprime mortgage market crisis and the global credit crunch it triggered.

The U.S. Federal Reserve has already slashed borrowing costs by 50 basis points to 4.75 percent to try and shore up the world's biggest economy and is widely expected to lower interest rates again next week.

"The US economy is undoubtedly in recession," Rogers told the Telegraph in Hong Kong in an article published on its Website.

"Many parts of industry are actually in a state worse than recession. If it were not for (Federal Reserve Chairman Ben) Bernanke putting huge amounts of money into the market, the stock market would probably be down much more than it is." Link

Did you find the word? If you guessed "recession", you were correct.

Pay attention in the upcoming weeks and months.....because I'll guaran-goddamn-tee ya', that word, "recession", will probably be listed shortly as a terrorist word alongside of already existing terrorist words (global warming, science, Gore, etc). We're at war....and in times of war....words have consequences. Terrorist words like, "imperialism", "scientific data" and "recession" will, no doubt, be whisked away and tortured in a new and revised edition of the Guantanomo Dictionary.

Simply consider this post a, you know, national terror word warning alert. I'm moving the alert readiness color-coded bar chart from "Readiness" to "Vigilance". Be on the lookout for any Islamofascistcommie-lovers from the looney liberal left throwing the terror word "recession" into a crowded press room.

If the Relevent One won't speak to Ahmadinijab, do you think he's going to deal directly with a terrorist word like recession? Think about it. We're at war here. Any anknowledgement of vulnerability or weakness is "giving in to the terrorists". Negotiating with terrorists and those that harbor them is "not an option".

Dealing directly with the terror word "recession" would be a sign of weakness. So anything to do with the terror word "recession", including talking about the economy, indicators, fundamentals, reports, etc.,....the so-called terror enabling words,.....will now all have to be declared national security secrets and anyone heard talking about them detained and interrogated.

The word "recession" itself, will be sent to a black page site and tortured into a state of unrecognition. Under contortionist and inhumane stretching the word will confess that, yes, it has many meanings and usages. "Recession", under harsh new word interrogation techniques including "watering down", will admit that in certain sentence structures it's meaning could be 'everything was getting better' instead of the typical usage, 'everything is turning to sh*t'.

The White House will leak this secondary definition to a few Knee Pad personal favorites thus outing the hateful f**king Democrats who insist on the typical, standard definition of the alleged terror word "recession". The Department of Faith Based Initiatives will be brought in to investigate.

A resolution will be introduced by spineless folks with D's next to their names apologizing for their party's stubborn historical resistance to admit error and stating for the record that they no longer support the typical, standard definition of the word "recession" exclusively.

Yet another terrorist will bite the dust.

We are so winning.



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