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The "You-Boob" CNN, GOP "Debate"

By The Reverend Published: November 29, 2007

I know, I was called the YouTube CNN "Debate". But my goodness, didn't those Republican candidates put on a clinic last night on how to further marginalize their own political party while embarrassing themselves personally, at the same time? I think I'll call that a Twofer of You-Boob'ers.

Get a load of this....

(49 seconds)

The question was, "What would you do to repair America's image in the eyes of the Muslim world?"

Rudy would repair our damaged image by "remaining on offense". Of course, "remaining on offense" in Iraq is what has damaged America's image with Muslims specifically, and with the world, in the first place. Rudy takes the You-Boob Bronze

McCain's answer to how America's image could be repaired was, "..continue the "surge" in Iraq" and "we're winning". McCain takes home the You-Boob Silver

Duncan Hunter's answer was no answer at all. He would "never apologize" for America. Apparently that's how Hunter proposes to repair America's image with Muslims. He might as well have said, "F**k Muslims". And the winner is.....Mr You-Boob Gold.....well earned, I would say....Duncan Hunter.

The Republican Party is disintegrating in real time. One glaring reason is because of their apparent hatred and ongoing villification of anyone who is not Christian, caucasian, wealthy and heterosexual. Disgusting attempt at dividing society even more.

Defending the indefensible has now become the hallmark of a political party that has completely lost it's way. The reason, of course, is because the GOP joined itself at the hip to the extremist national and international criminal regime of the Decider and his sidekick, The Dick. Now it looks like no surgeon in the galaxy can successfully cut these freaks of political and criminal nature.....apart.

January, 2009 cannot come quickly enough. It's like when I was a kid before Santa arrived.

UPDATE: I just now read the King's take on the very same question and all I can say is that it couldn't be clearer, at least to me, how far apart he and I are in our understanding about the same reality.

Apparently these three guys don't want to improve America's image...instead they want to tarnish what's left by following in, and even enlarging, the foreign policy disaster footprints of one G.Junior Bush and his Master, The Dickster. King agrees.

King regards the three GOP'ers responses as "excellent".

I regard them as the words of desperate politicians who are angry over the clustermess their party is now money, no candidates, lots of retirements. Bush and the Stamper Brigade ruined everything they touched. The country by 3-1 believe we're going in the wrong direction. That means a change to Democratic rule is just around the corner.

So, now, in predictable authoritarian tradition, these desperate, angry GOP candidates are hurling what's left of the furniture around, so to speak, in a fit of rage,

Muslims just happened to be the furniture last night.



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