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They Write Lists

By The Reverend Published: December 31, 2009

Lots of lists are being written about the decade that's ending tonight. The aughts, the decade has been officially labeled.

Should be called the ought-nots.

My favorite list is entitled "The top ten worst things about the Bush decade." Many readers, I'm just so certain, will enjoy reading Juan Cole's list.

Here's Cole's #1 top worst thing about the Bush decade.....

1. The constitutional coup of 2000, in which Bush was declared the winner of an election he had lost, with the deployment of the most ugly racial and other low tricks in the ballot counting and the intervention of a partisan and far right-wing Supreme Court (itself drawn from or serving the oligarchs), and which gave us the worst president in the history of the union, who proceeded to drive the country off a cliff for the succeeding 8 years. And that is because he was not our president, but theirs.

Throughout Juan Cole's other 9 top worst things about the Bush decade, he defines who the "theirs" are in that last line. The oligarchs who run our country.

An oligarchy is...."a form of government in which all power is vested in a few persons or in a dominant class or clique; government by the few."

Those same oligarchs make appearances in each and every one of Cole's "top ten worst things about the Bush decade."

Conservatives believe these oligarchs are intellectualized, liberal prima donnas seeking to bring down America anyway they can through "socializing" all aspects of the national economy.

Liberals understand that, if the money is followed, the American oligarchs are easily identified. They are those who bring tax rates on the wealthy down to historically low levels. They are those who conjured up the Enron's and the WorldComs and the Dotcom bubble, the deregulation of finance, the mortgage crisis, the bank and insurance failures....and benefitted from all of it.

Oligarchs are those who defend and encourage national spending of $1 trillion annually to fuel the military industrial complex, a danger long ago warned about by a Republican president.

Oligarchs are those who work together to prop up and expand health insurance and pharmaceutical companies' profits through legislation favorable to Wall Street. They are those who protect and defend the profits of energy companies, resisting every attempt to move away from carbon dependency.

Oligarchs are everywhere present when it comes to defending and protecting huge tele-communications corporations....helping to deregulate everything, so that consumers pay even more while being sedated by the "competition is god" nursery rhyme.

And don't get me started on the incestuous relationship the U.S Treasury and the FED has going with their Siamese twin oligarch, Goldman Sachs. I might have to use cuss words...and then where would we be?

Read Cole's list.

I will be tending to a family funeral for the next two days, but will then be back with my version of 2009's biggest story.



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