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Things We Do Not Speak Of......Jobs

By The Reverend Published: January 26, 2013

NBC Politics informs me that President Obama has an "ambitious" agenda for his second term. That agenda consists of a "debt fight, gun control and immigration." NBC informs me that those three issues "top the president's to-do list." Climate change could be thrown into that agenda mix as well.....but everyone knows nothing will ever be passed other than token measures on carbon I'm setting that aside for today.

The "debt fight" is being handled by the House Republicans who will either shut down the government in late March, early April....or have the U.S. default on it's debt....or both. Either that, or Medicare eligibility age will be raised to 67 or 68, Social Security checks trimmed by .3% and the Department of Energy and the EPA eliminated.....among other massive GOP-endorsed cuts.

Joe Biden and his Task Force are dealing with the "gun control" issue. After the Task Force's recommendations are tabulated and presented to the House, the GOP House will refuse to pass anything resembling new "gun control."

If you believe the Village corporate servants, you know that Marco Rubio will be determining any new immigration reform. It has been established that comprehensive immigration reform can only be passed when Republicans are ready for it. After watching Obama win 71% of the Latino vote last November, it appears as if, although not entirely clear, Republicans are now ready to reform immigration laws. But, any immigration reform plan must be approved first by Marco Rubio....because he's Cuban-American, making the optics just right for the GOP. Or something.

But let me tell you what's not at the top of Obama's agenda OR the GOP's agenda.


Cutting government spending to appease pretend deficit and debt hawks will result in the loss of more jobs. But Republicans will dance with the devil of default or shut the government down entirely if federal spending isn't cut. So.....any conceivable outcome on the "debt" will almost certainly make the jobs situation worse.

Unemployment is still at a too high 7.8% nationally. Unemployment is still the number one concern of the American people. But apparently, unemployment is not a big concern for President Obama, Democrats or Republicans. If a situation defined by 7.8% unemployment and millions of Americans who want to work but can't find a job.....doesn't rise to top priority levels on agenda lists.....then that must mean that a 7.8% unemployment rate and millions of Americans looking for, yet not finding, work....doesn't really, deeply concern leaders from either side.

Otherwise.....they would do something about it.....or at least pay lip service by including jobs on their agenda lists. But no...not even an honorable mention.

Which means that as far as elected officials are concerned, 7.8% unemployment must be the new acceptable norm.....otherwise, again, they would do something to prove that 7.8% unemployment is unacceptable. But they haven't...and they have no plans to. Neither side's agenda puts any emphasis on government legislation to directly create jobs.

For discussion purposes....why would that be the case? In a 7.8% unemployment environment, in a suppressed wage environment.....why would both political sides minimize the importance of job creation?


Suggested answer: If unemployment remains high.....workers fighting over too few jobs will keep wage levels low...making it perpetually an employer's market....which bolsters the profit margins of business concerns, so that even higher record profits can be reached.



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