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"This Kind Of Game"

By The Reverend Published: April 17, 2008

The "game" that America's Knee Pad Media plays, is organized around this one basic rule: If a name brand Padder inserts a question or comment into the public arena, as you will see George Stephanopolos doing in the following video clip from last night's ABC F*ck-Obama-Palooza spectacular, it then becomes "news". The question or comment, no matter how irrelevant, no matter how off the wall it sounds, no matter how disingenuously it is asked or stated, instantly becomes echo chambered throughout all of Knee Pad Land.

Keep that rule in mind as you witness the Mighty Wurlitzer in action from now until Quaker Staters vote on Tuesday.

Here's the 2 minute clip....

A couple of weeks ago some progressive bloggers met in Philadelphia and concluded that not only would the Democratic candidate have to beat John McCain in the soon-to-be-launched general election campaign.....but the media as well. Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh type questions, like Stephanopolos asked Obama here......are only the tip of the iceberg warned about by those progressive bloggers.

A while back I dealt with some of this stuff and asked if Obama is responsible for what his mailman, his grocer, his yardpeople.....think or say. Should Barack Obama be responsible for any thought, action, or intention of ANYONE he knows? Should Obama be smeared with any and all deeds or actions of OTHERS he might know, if he doesn't endorse, condone or agree with any of those deeds or actions? Gibson and Stephanopolos think he should be held accountable, not just for his own words and actions, but the words and actions of anyone with whom he has ever become acquainted.

Mind you, these two Knee Pad Media members have spent the last 8 years refusing to hold the worst president in American history responsible for even one of his host of lying and criminal words and actions......yet, almost incomprehensibly, Obama is now being held accountable for every misguided word and action, not of his own doing, but instead, of everyone and anyone with whom Obama has ever been associated.

The Illinois Senator took on the ABC Knee Padder's insult-by-association attempt by shoving the example of Tom Coburn down George Stepanopolos' punk-ass deep throat. Should Obama be held responsible for extremely controversial comments made by one of the most conservative senators with whom he works with in the senate?

"This kind of game", Obama states, is an insult to the intelligence of the American people.

Unfortunately, that's all Americans will witness from now until November. Establishment "game(s)" insulting of the intelligence and sense of decency that characterizes the majority of the American people.

That's what we'll be treated to for 5 straight months, that is, whenever the Knee Padders don't have their mouths full.



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