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This Looks Like An Important Story About Rudy

By The Reverend Published: November 29, 2007

'al-rudy.jpg' actually a huge story. Will the establishment-right teevee Knee Padders share it with American viewers?

Three weeks after 9/11, when the roar of fighter jets still haunted the city's skyline, the emir of gas-rich Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifah al-Thani, toured Ground Zero. Although a member of the emir's own royal family had harbored the man who would later be identified as the mastermind of the attack—a man named Khalid Sheikh Muhammad, often referred to in intelligence circles by his initials, KSM—al-Thani rushed to New York in its aftermath, offering to make a $3 million donation, principally to the families of its victims. Rudy Giuliani, apparently unaware of what the FBI and CIA had long known about Qatari links to Al Qaeda, appeared on CNN with al-Thani that night and vouched for the emir when Larry King asked the mayor: "You are a friend of his, are you not?"
"We had a very good meeting yesterday. Very good," said Giuliani, adding that he was "very, very grateful" for al-Thani's generosity.
It was no cinch, of course, that Giuliani would take the money: A week later, he famously rejected a $10 million donation from a Saudi prince who advised America that it should "adopt a more balanced stand toward the Palestinian cause." (Giuliani continues to congratulate himself for that snub on the campaign trail.) Al-Thani waited a month before expressing essentially the same feelings when he returned to New York for a meeting of the U.N. General Assembly and stressed how important it was to "distinguish" between the "phenomenon" of 9/11 and "the legitimate struggles" of the Palestinians "to get rid of the yoke of illegitimate occupation and subjugation." Al-Thani then accused Israel of "state terrorism" against the Palestinians.

But there was another reason to think twice about accepting al-Thani's generosity that Giuliani had to have been aware of, even as he heaped praise on the emir. Al Jazeera, the Arabic news network based in Qatar (pronounced "Cutter"), had been all but created by al-Thani, who was its largest shareholder. Link

This must all be part and parcel of Rudy's strength as a leader.....

"I believe that the skill I have developed better than any other was surrounding myself with great people…"

"Too many leaders overlook candidates with unusual résumés because of a failure of nerve…By the time I appointed Bernie Kerik, I had hired so many people that I was immune to such criticisms."

–Rudy Guiliani, Leadership (2002 - Hyperion)

Quite an insightful, almost uncanny judge of character,....that's Rudy alright.

Take the time to read the Village Voice article in it's entirety. If Rudy was a Democrat, as I've mentioned previously, he already would have been forced out as a presidential candidate. Maybe now it will know....kinda' hard to ignore the King of 9-11 actually helping to protect Kalid Mohammed, unknowingly or not.

Rudy's methods of keeping America safe involve joint teevee appearances with and taking donations from extremely rich Muslims whose immediate family shields extremists. Seems like that would be newsworthy. Yet to be seen whether it will be.



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