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This One Is Ugly

By The Reverend Published: December 19, 2010

It was ugly when Republican Senator, John Thune (R-SD) went on the Don Imus program,......

IMUS: It seems to me and it seems to others that if we’re going to help anybody, we would certainly help these Americans who were the first responders to 9/11.

THUNE: The difference I think with the tax bill is there is a deadline, Jan. 1, we have to get this done, taxes go up on Jan. 1, that’s a matter of law.

The deteriorating health care of 9-11 cut deadline. The very lives of real humans....OR.....a few extra million for billionaires. (Note: Senate GOP'ers voted against extending tax cuts for the bottom 98%....twice) Tough choice for a Republican Senator. Shouldn't be, of course, but it is. Thune decided that....I mean, after-f*cking all....."there is a deadline" on those top 2% tax cuts. The 9-11 responders? Well, hell....they are only dying.

Republican John Thune has priorities...ya' know.

Should Republican Senators help the top 2% in America, the very filthiest of the rich....OR....should they help 9-11 responders with aggravated health situations. And if it's decided by Republicans to help both.....which should be helped first?

Republicans have answered that question, resoundingly, in favor of the top 2%.

Senator John Ensign (R-NV) confirms that answer....

John Ensign (R-Nev.) said he voted against the first responders bill because Republicans had threatened to vote against everything until tax cuts for the rich were extended and a measure to fund the government was passed.

Okay, so it's ugly....prioritizing the tax cuts of the top 2% before dealing with 9-11 responders. But it isn't like Republicans don't want to help those 9-11 responders, I mean....right? Thune didn't say Republicans DIDN'T want to fund health care for those 9-11 responders.....right? Right?

Wrong. And if you think putting the greed-needs of the top 2% ahead of the needs of ill and dying 9-11 responders is a bit, you know, don't know how ugly...Republican-ugly can get.

Let's break it down...

The 9-11 responders and survivors legislation was introduced in 2006. Yep, 2006. The bill consists of $7.4 billion in health care treatment and compensation for 9-11 survivors and first responders.

The 9-11 responder bill close attention here.....fully paid for. How was it going to be paid for?......

The funding would come by closing tax loopholes on foreign corporations.

Think Progress takes it from there......

While Republicans quietly snuffed out efforts to compensate 9/11 heroes, they were aided by a quiet lobbying campaign by the powerful lobbying front — the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber fought to help kill the 9/11 compensation bill because it was funded by ending a special tax loophole exploited by foreign corporations doing business in the United States.

That would be the same Chamber of Commerce which pumped millions (some of it from foreign corporations) into the midterms to help defeat Democrats and elect Republicans. That would be the same Chamber of Commerce which prefixes it's name with "U.S."....yet represents the interests of corporations no matter which country those corporations are established in.

Repulsed yet by the hideously ugly picture emerging here?

Republicans have priorities. That's what they tell us. Republicans in the Senate blocked a vote on helping 9-11 responders because there was a looming deadline, deadline, deadline,....for tax cuts on the wealthy to expire. That was the window dressing Republicans gave to their obstructionism.

But the truth is that Republicans, and the Chamber of Commerce which serves Republicans, blocked the 9-11 responder bill BECAUSE it would be funded by closing an American taxcode loophole which currently helps FOREIGN CORPORATIONS.

Republicans.....if you can stand the ugliness of it.....stopped funding for ill and dying 9-11 responders, and have been stopping it for 4 years, because foreign corporations would have to pay higher taxes to the U.S. in order to fund helping those sick American heroes. Foreign corporations. Not American corporations.

The political party of patriotism, the chest puffing conservative party which could not accept an Islamic Center blocks away from Ground Zero because it would desecrate the "holy ground" where so many Americans....including many first responders....gave their the same political party which continues to deny sick 9-11 responders any financial help because foreign corporations would have to pay higher taxes.

There's ugly....and then there's butt-ugly, there's Cinderella's-ugly-sisters ugly.....and then there is Republican-ugly.

And by god, Republican-ugly is putrefyingly repulsive, dontchathink?



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