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This Should Work Out Really Well

By The Reverend Published: September 10, 2007


Leaving is losing when it comes to the middle east and if constructing U.S. military bases is a sign that we're not leaving.....then........we're not leaving......ever. But look at where the neo-conservative genuises are building their newest base....

US forces plan to build a military base on Iraq's border with Iran to better control what they say is an undercover flow of Iranian weapons and fighters, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

"We've got a major problem with Iranian munitions streaming into Iraq," Major General Rick Lynch, the commander of US army forces in central Iraq, told the Journal.

"This Iranian interference is troubling and we have to stop it."

The base, with living quarters for some 200 soldiers, will be built six kilometers (four miles) from the Iranian border and will likely be completed by November, Major Toby Logsdon, the US officer overseeing the project, told the Journal, without giving a location.

The US military also plans to install X-ray machines and explosives-detecting sensors at the Zurbatiya border crossing, the main crossing between Iran and Iraq.

Also planned are six fortified checkpoints on the major highways leading from the Iranian border to Baghdad, to be manned by soldiers from the former Soviet republic of Georgia, according to the Journal. Link

There are some folks who would say, wrongly of course, that the problems we're experiencing in Iraq are primarily being caused by Iran. What to do? Provoke a conflict with Iran. Brilliant, isn't it?

Today in Washington, the Hollywood illusion begins in earnest. Leaving is losing and everything we will hear in the next few days will reflect that demented sound bite. While this illusion is being constructed here in America before our very eyes, more warmongering traps are being set for the next illusionary enemy...Iran.

Much as David Copperfield would carry out his illusions by having his audience look at something else, so too the hopelessly corrupt and criminal neo-conservative illusion makers would have us look at and listen to their magic talkers convening in Washington this week while at the same time the real "trick" is being carried out to taunt Iran into the wider conflict.

I'm sure this plan will work out oh-so-swimmingly, just as Iraq has worked out so well for all parties concerned. And if it doesn't, another illusion will be performed for us to look at. Something all bright and shiny and covered with military medals I would bet.

Illusionists make for great entertaining fun......don't they?



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