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This Week's WTF Moments

By The Reverend Published: March 28, 2009

Hard to believe....

The public loves Joe the Plumber,” the spokesperson for the anti-EFCA group Americans for Prosperity, Mary Ellen Burke, claimed to me. “They see him as a role model.”

Chicago Tribune's, looking-for-entertainment-in-news, reporter, Frank James, on Obama's "boring" presser....

This was just plain boring and too predictable. The same colleague says the problem is less the format than the president. He's a policy wonk who doesn't turn to humor very often. He also doesn't present the opportunity for entertaining malaprops that Bush did. So there wasn't that potential for entertainment either.

Washington Times headline.....

"Obama skirts pot query on Web forum."

ABC News.....

"Obama tackled the issue (pot) head-on,"

Case study on how the Serious Professional NewsPeople in corporate-whore media seek to destroy a Democratic Presidency.....this is must-see teevee....3:29

Fair and Balanced Matt Drudge Cult.....

Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone responds to AIG executive, Jake Desantis', NY Times letter, "Dear AIG, I Quit", .....


....."None of us should be cheated of our payments any more than a plumber should be cheated after he has fixed the pipes but a careless electrician causes a fire that burns down the house."


"First of all, Jake, you asshole, no plumber in the world gets paid a $740,000 bonus, over and above his salary, just to keep plumbing. Second, try living on a plumber's salary before you even think about comparing yourself to one; you're inviting a pitchfork in the gut by even thinking along those lines. Third, Jake, if you were a plumber, and the electrician burned the house down -- well, guess what? If you and that electrician worked for the same company, you actually wouldn't get paid for that job."

Taibbi...."Hey Jake, it's not like you were curing cancer. You were a f*cking commodities trader."

Finally.....How many times did Fox "news" use the word socialism, communism, or Marxism in their "fair and balanced" approach to reporting on the Obama administration?

Wednesday, March 25......28
Thursday, March 26.........29
Friday, March 27.............20

Source: Media Matters County Fair

WTF, over.



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