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Tim Russert And Race Baiting Questions

By The Reverend Published: January 17, 2008


Tim Russert of NBC doesn't much care about the interests of the American voters.

American voters need and want to know how candidates stand on issues of relevancy to their lives. Good jobs, health care availability, education options, environmental protections, foreign issues like that are what American voters need and want to know about they can decide which candidate best reflects their concerns.

However, "Little Russ", as Tim Russert is sometimes called, doesn't really care about what voters want and need to learn about candidates. His job is to ask questions that cover the candidate's campaigns. View this video of Timmy's questions from Tuesday night's NBC Democratic 3 person "debate"......and while viewing.....ask yourself.....are these questions what American voters need and want to know? Or are they only gossip type questions about the campaigns?.....


If this isn't an example of race baiting by a "journalist", then the words, themselves, have no meaning. These questions were so insulting and out of line......and there were so many of them.....that it provoked one audience member to protest out loud by shouting several times, "These are all race baiting questions."

If you read this blog, you know how much I dislike what I call the Knee Pad Media. They don't report news...they try to manufacture news. That's what the disgusting Tim Russert, and to some extent, Bryan Williams, were attempting to do Tuesday night with the Democratic candidates.

To the Democratic candidates credit, they each displayed great poise in their handling of this offensive line of questioning.

One of the important questions that should be asked of the candidates from this point forward, I believe, should be, "What can be done about a teevee media industry which doesn't fulfil it's responsibility to the American public?"



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