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Time For Teas To Take Personal Responsibility

By The Reverend Published: September 25, 2013

Ya' really have to love the Hillbilly Orwellianism currently in vogue amongst Republicans keen on doing further damage to the nation's economy leading up to the 2014 midterms. I'm sure by now you've heard the conservative confabulated horseshite about how it will be the Democrats who will be shutting down the government if a Continuing Resolution fails in Congress.

Here's a prime example from RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.....

Republicans want to keep the government running. Democrats claim they want the same, but they aren’t acting like it. By denouncing the House bill, Harry Reid has already said that he’s willing to shut down the government to save face for the president and to defend a failed law.

Let's review.

1) Starting with the GOP takeover of the House in January 2011, House Republicans have voted 42 times on legislation repealing the Affordable Care Act. Elections are meaningless unless Republicans win them. I get that. But following the 2010 midterms, Republicans only controlled one half of one of the three branches of government.

Somehow, controlling one half of one of three equal branches of government became a "mandate" for Republicans to repeal the ACA. Wishful thinking can be kind of fun and all....but only controlling one half of one third of the federal government is far from receiving a mandate from American voters.

If, in fact, Republicans were given a mandate from voters in 2010 to repeal the ACA.....what mandate did Democrats receive from voters two years AFTER, when Obama beat "repeal the ACA on my first day" Romney and when Democrats GAINED seats in the Senate?

2) With number 1 in mind.....who is making the argument for shutting down the government?

The one demographic in which a majority support defunding is — unsurprisingly — the Tea Party.

Of Republicans who identify with the movement, 54 percent say they support defunding even if it comes with a shutdown. However, a majority of Republicans in general, 51 percent, opposes defunding once it begins to affect the government’s ability to function.

The same people who gave Republicans control of one half of one third of the federal government.....the same people who got goose bumps each of the 42 times House GOP'ers voted, meaninglessly, to repeal the ACA......are the very same people today in favor of shutting down the government if the ACA is not shite-canned.....and they are the ONLY people in favor.

3) But in Hillbilly Orwellian Speak, what all this means is that Obama and Senate Democrats are "willing to shut down the government." I label it Hillbilly....because the beauty of Orwellianism is in the subtle, nuanced and strategic placement of words to persuade people to believe the opposite of what is actually true. Despite many years of practice, Republicans are finding it difficult to master Orwellianism.....and the longer they work at it...the more Hillbillish they sound. (Apolgies to all genuine Hillbillies everywhere)

Finally, it is extremely important for an anti-democratic political group to mislead and confuse it's base of voters. Yes, undemocratic. What else can I call a political group who actually thinks they have a mandate when they only control one half of one third of the federal government? Patriots of democracy? Please.

I've told this story before.....during my senior high school year, our football team, captained by yours truly, trounced another county team by 52-6. It was a sound thrashing in every way. However, as both teams were walking to the locker rooms after the end of the game, members of the losing team tried to provoke a fight and a few harmless punches were thrown.

That is an apt metaphor for today's Orwell Hillbillies in the GOP. Rather than accept their electoral losses with class, humility and dignity, rather than accept their minority status as reality, rather than committing to working harder to win the trust of America's electorate......they trash talk and lie and mislead and obstruct and then.....they throw rhetorical punches of Mass Hillbilly Orwellianism at those who won the electorate's trust.

At the end of the the end of the "game".....they're still losers.



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