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Today's Beacon Opinion Page Has That Smell

By The Reverend Published: October 5, 2007


Today's Beacon reprint of a Roger Cohen opinion piece has that stink to know the kind....when something organic is rotten or deteriorating in the wastebasket. That kind.

I recognized it right away as...."Knee Pad Passion". Not the knock off...the real deal.

Ezra Klein does the fumigating....

Cohen may not, personally, think like Bill Kristol. But he certainly writes like him. "Neocon, for many, has become shorthand for neocon-Zionist conspiracy," he says, naming no names, and instead offering a simple, generalized accusation of anti-semitism against all those who question the neoconservatives. "Baghdad is closer to Sarajevo than the left has allowed," he writes, obliterating the difference between a bombing campaign undertaken to end an ongoing genocide and a ground invasion undertaken to unearth weapons that didn't exist, overturn a regime we couldn't replace, and forcibly impose a system of governance that lacked foundations. " is the Petraeus-insulting face of never-set-foot-in-a-war-zone liberalism," he scoffs, having never, himself, fought in a war, but nevertheless adopting the authority of those who have.

... he (Cohen) is worse than a neoconservative. He's a liberal hawk who knows better, but whose interest in writing about his own virtue overwhelms his judgments concerning the actual actions of those who wield power. He is not a neoconservative. He is a narcissist.

The millionaire national media celebrities continue typing on. Their screeds are debunked and rightly ridiculed by the blogosphere about as fast as these elitist "Village" Knee Padders finish their works of odor.

Newspapers, like the Beacon, reprint these slightly used and smelly screeds on a regular basis, apparently not recognizing that before they reprint, national bloggers already have dismantled them for the misinformation, propaganda, and narcissistic navel-gazing that they are.

Today's millionaire media has lost interest in absolute truth.....they spend their time writing and talking about what's important....themselves.

What would be wrong with newspapers, like the Beacon, printing an OCCASIONAL national blog response, say, alongside the stinking Knee Pad opinion? Too democratic??



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