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Today's Primaries

By The Reverend Published: May 6, 2008

Short and unsweet on today's primaries.

The same media people who believe America's most important issue is a retired pastor, will be the ones tonight who won't want to talk about North Carolina and Obama's win there. You know, it's all because of the blacks.

However Indiana is a white exceptionalist's cup of discriminatory tea. So for sure, every conceivable angle will be used to examine and probe Hillary's win in Indiana.

But North Carolina.....that was a given, it's the blacks.

Pigs, the whole lot of them.

The one question I would like to have answered is this one: When two whites are running for office and blacks come out and vote for one or the other of the two, are the black voters being racist then? Racist in the sense of voting BECAUSE of race. Or is it only when blacks vote for blacks that they are voting along racial lines?



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