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Tomorrow's BeckerHead Event

By The Reverend Published: August 27, 2010

The AB Journal loves themselves some Tea they decided, once again, to give front page coverage to the mostly affluent, mostly white, mostly middle-aged, mostly male, and entirely sore loser group.

Glenn Beck and the Tea Partiers. Together in front of the Lincoln Memorial on the anniversary date and location of MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech.

Just think. A group of angry, white, anti-Obama conservatives....... are going to join the deviant Fox lunatic, Beck....and the feisty opportunist who started all of the new-and-enhanced hate in 2008, Sister Sarah.....on the anniversary date and location of MLK's historic speech about for it...."reclaim the civil rights movement."

Ever watch a dog take a sh*t on the same spot another dog has been?

Glenn Beck and Sister Sarah are the leaders of a collective sh*t taking tomorrow. On the memory of MLK.

So hateful and devious are these two wingnut-celebrity ignoramuses, that they are relishing with delight their own taunting of peace-and-equality-loving Americans everywhere by taking a Tea Party sh*t on the very spot where MLK spoke of a more equal, just and fair America.

We are being told that the timing of the Glenn Beck and the Tea Partiers cynical gathering is entirely coincidental. And I'm the Christ back from the dead.

I'm not quite sure yet whether we have reached peak wingnut, but we're getting closer.

Mr. Beck, a man whom Media Matters calls the most dangerous man in America today, says the event tomorrow is "not about politics."

I guess the memo didn't get circulated.....

The Portage County Tea Party said Thursday it was sending 275 people to the event aboard five buses.

Tom Zawistowski, the group's executive director, said the demand for seats was overwhelming.

He predicted heavy participation from Northeast Ohioans making the drive to Washington, and said in a written statement that ''the American people will demonstrate by the size of the turnout that, collectively, we have had enough of corrupt and ineffective government and we intend to do something about it come November.''

Beck, however, told his television audience Thursday that the event is not about politics.

Seems a bit dazed and confused, doesn't it? Makes you wonder whether there may be some hooch in that Tea.

Just standard operating procedure for the astroturf Tea Party movement. Over a year ago I blogged that the TP movement was incoherent....and nothing has changed since then. The TP'ers, as is true with BeckerHeads, are a group of white men who are afraid that a black president will give a bunch of free stuff to darker skinned Americans. Stuff that they won't get. Worse yet, stuff they have to pay for.

That explains why Beck proudly called Obama a "racist" who "hates white culture". That's why so many race-hate signs and race-baiting anecdotes flowed out of the Tea Party gatherings.

When the steel that reinforces the spine of a sore loser movement like the Beck-led Tea Partiers consists mostly of racial animosity....then it's understandable why the intent of tomorrow's rally must be blurred, made confusing. Openly calling blacks, n****rs, is no longer Dr. Laura found the Tea Partiers and their lead dogs, Glenny and Sarah, won't go there.

Where they will go is to the very spot where the American man who most closely followed the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, Martin Luther King Jr., gave his triumphant and hope-inspiring "I Have a Dream" speech.

They will go there along with their band of intolerant, spoiled, sore losing, Republican-voting, conservatives......and they will all...metaphorically....take a sh*t on the legacy and life's work of MLK.

That's how cynical and hate-filled Sarah and Glenny are.

Now for the typical disclaimer. These nuts have every right to do what they plan to do tomorrow in D.C. This is America, and contrary to what the Tea Partiers tell us about Ground Zero mosques, we all enjoy guaranteed equal rights......well.....except for gays....and even that's changing.

I would never try to prevent the guaranteed rights of Americans from being exercised.

What I will do, however, is point out where flea-riddled, mangy and sour-dispositioned political lead-dogs will be leading their pack of white mongrels take a collective dump on the memory and work of Martin Luther King Jr.

Hope those mutts are proud of themselves.



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