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Too Extreme To Be Put In Charge

By The Reverend Published: June 8, 2012

It was only last August when all 8 GOP presidential primary candidates stood on a debate stage raising their hands in answer to this question...

Brett Baier: "Say you had a deal, 10-1, as Byron (York) said, spending cuts to tax increases....who on this stage would walk away from that deal? Would you raise your hand if you feel so strongly about not raising taxes that you would walk away from that deal.?"

Eight hands went up. One of them was Mitt Romney's. It was unanimous. Not one Republican presidential candidate, if elected to the presidency, would accept a congressional "deal" cutting $10 in government spending for every $1 raised in new part of a "compromise" deal to confront U.S. deficits and debt.

That's how Serious today's Republican leaders are. No new taxation allowed. No matter what. No tax increases to pay for tax increases to pay for needed nationwide infrastructure tax increases on billionaires paying lower tax rates than the janitors who clean the numerous buildings the billionaires new taxes.....period.

Even if communist Democrats agreed to cut spending by $10 for every $1 in new taxes....a 10-1 win for the Party of Billionaires.....still no deal and no hesitation in giving their answer. Basking under the lowest federal tax rates in the last 60 years......the lowest.....rates years......Republican leaders, the fiscally responsible Leaders that they are, would not take $10 in spending cuts for every single dollar raised in new revenues as part of a deal to confront debt and deficits. Won't do it.

How extreme are these Republicans? How extreme is Mitt Romney? Let's see what Jeb Bush has to say about it....

Bush....broke with Romney to say that he would support tax increases in order to reduce the growing deficit. “If you could bring to me a majority of people to say that we’re going to have $10 in spending cuts for $1 of revenue enhancement — put me in, coach,” he said. Romney specifically rejected the 10-1 deal during a GOP presidential debate in August.

Jebby would take that deal.....and Jebby has never been confused with a liberal socialist. THAT's how extreme, how out of the mainstream Mitt Romney and a goodly number of congressional Republicans are today. No new taxes...ever....and no compromising with Democrats...ever.

The GOP extremist who recently defeated long time GOP Senator Dick Lugar in Indiana, Richard Mourdock explains the new GOP this way....

"What I've said about compromise and bipartisanship is I hope to build a conservative majority in the United States Senate so that bipartisanship becomes Democrats joining Republicans to roll back the size of government, reduce the bureaucracy, lower taxes and get American moving again," Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock told CNN on Tuesday.

As long as Democrats vote along with Republicans to pass Republican policies.....policies that drastically cut government matter what the consequences are to, you know, Americans.....then Republicans can "work" with Democrats. Bipartisanship has also been labeled "date rape" by Republicans. Put a little X in the Democrats water pitchers and....well....bend them over the galley rails know.

This Republican Party has no relationship to the party of Reagan.....none. GOP posers may throw around Uncle Ronnie's name trying to buff up their pedigrees....but Romney, Mourdock, McConnell, House Republicans have absolutely nothing in common with Ronald Reagan. Reagan compromised with Democrats.....Reagan agreed to raise taxes 11 separate times. Saint't make it out of a GOP primary. Saint be considered a moderate progressive, too far to the left to be the GOP presidential candidate.

Thomas Mann and Norm Ornstein wrote an op-ed that appeared in the Washington Post on April 27th. Both men are considered to be reasonable, respected thinkers...even within the Village. The op-ed was titled, "Let's just say it: The Republicans are the problem." The piece comprehensively presents the truth that, no, "both sides aren't doing it"'s the Republicans who are the problem here. Except for a sit down with the authors on MSNBC with Chris Hayes, ....main, liberal, lamestream media didn't touch the op-ed. Zero coverage.

Although the radical nature of today's GOP is more than obvious.....listen to Jebby, review Saint Ronald's presidency.....he said-he said "journalism", where both sides are always blamed equally, cannot allow for the truth that Mann and Ornstein wrote about to be discussed and disseminated widely.

Today's Republicans make Gingrich's "Contract on America" Republicans look like conservative pre-schoolers. To elect these Republicans to make political policy is to willingly agree to an authoritarian assault not only on workers wages, unions, a woman's choice, college students, or the would be an assault on our entire democratic form of governance.




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