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"Tool" Time

By The Reverend Published: August 14, 2013

Yesterday, a judge finally had the chance to rule on the egregious "stop and frisk" police policy used against citizens of New York City.

Judge Shira A. Scheindlin, ruling on a class-action lawsuit, wrote that the policy violated plaintiffs' Fourth Amendment rights barring unreasonable searches, finding that police made at least 200,000 stops from 2004 to June 2012 without reasonable suspicion.

The NYPD made more than 4.4 million total stops under the policy from 2004 to June 2012.

The police department had said that the policy -- in which police stop, question and frisk people they considered suspicious -- is used to deter crime.

The policy "is certainly a tool that every police officer needs throughout America," (NY Police Commissioner) Kelly said.

Former NY Governor George Patacki was a guest on Morning Blow yesterday and he made the claim that "stop and frisk" "saved lives". Ipso facto....I guess, just like with the NSA's hoovering program.....the policy must be legal, just and good. And have you ever noticed how whenever our Surveillance State authoritarian daddies refer to their own blatantly illegal policies......those daddies always call those illegal policies, "tools." Seems wrong somehow, no?

In defiance of yesterday's judicial ruling, Mike the Mayor praised and defended the use of criminal "tools" by police in New York City.....

“The fact that fewer guns are on the street now shows that our efforts have been successful. There is just no question that Stop-Question-Frisk has saved countless lives."

"People have a right to walk down the street without being targeted by the police – But people also have a right to walk down the street without being killed or mugged. And for those rights to be protected, we have to give the members of our Police Department the tools they need to do their jobs without being micro-managed and second-guessed every day by a judge or a monitor."

Pre-emptively acting in violation of the 4th amendment's protection against unlawful search and seizures by government is absolutely necessary because a citizen's right to be protected by it's government supercedes a citizen's constitutional right. Amazing.

Bloomberg, Patacki and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly all agree.....constitutional guarantees are optional if the authoritarian daddies decide otherwise. The "thinking" of Bloomberg and others is simply authoritarian lawlessness.

Perhaps police having the authority to enter anyone's house whenever they choose....and without a warrant.....might make America "safer." Should we give police that "tool", as well? If not, why not? Torture is a violation of least I think it still is....but why not give police the "tool" of torture if it might save lives?

In fact, let's take it further......police are savvy protectors who know their neighborhoods, right? And police would never do anything other than protect us, right? Why not give police the "tool" of pre-emptive killing? Might save lives, right? And police "know" who the bad guys are anyway......I mean, isn't that what "stop and frisk" is all about?

Police in New York have no probable cause or judicial warrants when they stop and shake down mostly minority citizens in New York.....instead, police simply rely on their own street experience and knowledge....gut instincts and whatnot. Bloomberg and Kelly claim that the gut street instinct of police trumps any need for pesky warrants or legalistic interpretations of probable cause or the 4th why not give another, more powerful, "tool" to police.....pre-emptive killing? Yeah, pre-emptive killing by police seems like it should be illegal.....and it is....but if it keeps citizens safer to pre-emptively kill "bad guys" could our authoritarian daddies NOT grant police pre-emptive killing powers?

Many of our Leader Daddies have argued for over 12 years now that they know better than any old dusty laws to the contrary. The very laws which make up our "freedoms" are now considered optional by those who "protect" us. The lawless policies which replace the laws which make up our freedoms.....are deemed to be valuable "tools."

If police are prevented by judges from using these lawless, criminal tools......authoritarians warn that they won't be able to keep us safe.
Give that a bit of thought.

Finally.....Judge Scheindlin also ruled that when police were swinging their new tool of "stop and frisk" around that police also did so in a discriminatory manner. 8 out of 10 people stopped over 8 years of Tooltime were non-whites.

The quickest and most simple way to end the lawlessness of Mayor Bloomberg and Ray Kelly would be for police to go to the Wall Street area of Manhattan and "stop and frisk" a number of white guys dressed in $5000 suits. me...those guys are more suspicious and/or dangerous than street punks with their heads down who just might be carrying a dime bag. If New York City cops included 'white guys in expensive suits' when they swung their "tools" of egregious lawlessness around......"stop and frisk" would have been tossed out eight years ago.



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